Minecraft Xbox 360 – Learn How to Trade Items in TU14 Update

Trading is the newest feature that has been introduced to Minecraft Xbox 360 edition that will allow players to trade items with villagers, especially when they desperately require some items to survive the moment.

Unlike the PC version which restricts trading certain items to a specific group of villagers, the console versions are much more lenient and you will be able to find a variety of stuff randomly with villagers. There is no categorization of the villagers based on their occupation but again this could be difficult when you are looking for something specific but the NPC doesn’t have it. Either way, it is up to the player to turn this feature to their advantage.

Trading Rules Are Bit Different

There is a specific set of values based on which the items will be awarded. For example, for one emerald you give to the character, it may provide you five to eight apples which is an approximate count and can vary from one villager to another. When you are starving and require immediate recovery, an emerald you hold may not come to rescue. It could even be matched with a real life situation where you have abundant cash but no food. The trading feature introduced with Title Update 14 becomes integral as it will help you gain a bunch of apples which will not only help you avoid starvation and move with your objectives but will help in keeping some reserves as well.

There is no word from 4J Studios whether the concept of villagers being divided into farmer, librarian, blacksmith, priest and butcher will be introduced to Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. It might be introduced with TU15 but that’s just a vague speculation. They may simply choose to skip the PC style altogether and focus on creating new rules for the console version. You start off trading by visiting a villager in one of the random villages and pressing the left trigger.

Trading Values

The trading interface will open which will show the item in villager’s possession, the item he requires to successfully complete the trade and your own inventory. Once you give him the emerald and chosen the item you need, it will instantly be transferred to your inventory. The list of items in a villager’s possession will randomly change from time to time. You can also keep visiting other villages so as to get unique items such as uncommon armor or bottle o’ enchanting. The trading value for the PC version and the console version is the same. You can find a detailed list of these values in the official Minecraft forum which will give you an idea of how to make the trade most favorable for you.

The TU14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition has brought a long list of features in which trading has an important role to play. It will be helpful to collect new items and keep traveling besides allowing you to get rid of unwanted stuff. The update is now available for the console and can be downloaded right away. Players can try the city texture pack if they like urban construction.

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