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The game has been on a world tour for a while.

With a global base of gamers who love and adore the game, the strategy of releasing editions for the tourist cities of the world, makes good business sense for the developers of the game. Though the game is played in all the word tour editions, it remains similar; the customization in graphics gives a local feel to this world famous endless running thriller. Here are some of the features of various world tour editions of Subway Surfers.

World Tour London

With the eleventh edition of its world tour series, Subway Surfers arrives in London with style. The edition offers a Christmas episode as well. There is a new character called Jamie that runs around the streets of London. There are two hoverboards, namely Snowflakes and Jingles, to keep up with the Christmas theme. Interestingly, the inspector dresses up as Santa and he has a dog that looks like a reindeer or Rudolph. The game was released last year in November, well timed with the Christmas fever. For those who relish white winters in England, this game is a visual delight.

World Tour Sydney

The world tour continues down under, as the game reaches Australian shores in its fourth edition of the series. You can enjoy the Australian sun and ride on the beaches on Australia on Oz style boards. The game also introduces you to a new character called Kim, who is a surfer girl. A new feature called Keys is introduced in this edition. You can pick up Keys while running or opening up Mystery Boxes. These Keys though rare, can help you revive characters, buy new ensembles for the characters, and also continue the game. The game was released last year in April. It features the famous Sydney’s Opera House visuals on one side of its tracks.

World Tour Mumbai

The city of Mumbai in India heavily relies on it local trains for public transport. It seems that Kiloo Games has carefully chosen this city in India to release its latest game in the world tour series. The game features the local colorful streets of Mumbai where the lead protagonist has to dodge the trains. The city landscape is lined with fruit vendors and the color of the train is similar to the cream and brown color scheme of Mumbai locals. The inspector in the game is dressed up in the distinct khaki uniform that is sported by Mumbai Police. You can unlock a character called Jay that is dressed up like one of the movie stars in a leading Indian movie. You can enjoy this episode of Subway Surfers on your iOS as well as Android devices.

Though the game is similar to Temple Run, it earns no marks for originality. But with the various episodes of the game, it manages to offer a better variety to its fans worldwide! Gamers all over the world continue to cheer as more and more world cities like Rome, Paris, Rio and many more have been added to the Subway Surfers’ global map through its world tour series.

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