Top 5 GoPro Hero 4 Accessories That You Should Have

GoPro is a California based company specializing in video cameras. These are not just ordinary cameras, these are specifically designed for use whilst engaging in all sorts of physical activities, from surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking or just walking the dog.

Their range of cameras can take still pictures but their expertise lies in excellent quality video footage, recorded while on the move and in extreme situations. It can be used as a training aid whilst racing, flying or kayaking, or it can be used just to record the moment while diving or sky diving. Of course, these videos can also be uploaded to the web to allow others to see your achievements.

The Hero 4 is the latest release, having improved picture quality – 12 megapixel photos, shooting 30m frames per second, with a 1080p 120 video, built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and even an app called Protune for photos and video. It is waterproof to a staggering 40 meters! There is online support for any issues you may have and software updates which can be downloaded to keep your camera at peak performance with the latest features.

The gopro hero 4 comes in three different formats, the gopro hero 4 black edition, the silver edition and the standard addition – the entry level. All three formats have the same functions, the difference lies in the quality of the video and pictures, the top of the range with ultra high resolution images is the Black edition, whilst the standard edition runs with a five megapixel camera and standard video imaging.

These cameras are designed with active people in mind; they come with a variety of accessory options, but which are the ones you really should have?

  • The fifth most important accessory is the auto charger. The camera does not come with a car charger and, whilst it may not often be needed, it is a very useful accessory to have. Batteries only last so long and being out and about, but near your car, will allow you to continue using the camera.
  • The fourth most important accessory is the LCD Touch BacPac – a screen which clips onto the camera and allows you to playback videos or photos from the camera, obviously with touch screen control. Again, a useful accessory, particularly if you are trying to get just the right shot of something, and are in a position to keep re-doing it.
  • The third most important accessory is the smart remote, usable at distances of up to 180 meters, you are able to turn the camera on and off, adjust the settings, take pictures and, of course, start and stop video capture. Fantastic whether the camera is strapped to you or positioned somewhere to catch you whizzing by.
  • The second most important accessory is an extra rechargeable battery, when you are out doing your thing, miles from civilisation, the last thing you need is the battery running flat and you not being able to capture the moment. A spare battery is invaluable.
  • Finally, after a close run finish, the most important accessory is the Battery BacPac, designed to clip onto the camera and extend the life of the battery, essential for the same reasons as having an additional battery but with the advantage of not having to fiddle with the camera when you need it the most.

Of course, other accessories could be just as important to you, depending on exactly what you wish to use the camera for. There are plenty more available and all are useful in one form or another. So get the camera, the essential accessories and enjoy yourself!

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