Xbox One Gets Free to Play World of Tanks with Cross Platform Support

A wide range of games are hitting the Microsoft console and the upcoming addition will be the free to play game World of Tanks which is already on Steam.

It will support a full cross platform allowing players to compete against each other on different platforms.

Of late, consoles have been strongly focusing on indie games and popular PC titles. We are not sure as to why they would focus on something like this than on first party titles and console specific games. If players are enjoying it, then Microsoft and Sony got no reason to say no to it. World of Tanks will be another addition after the likes of War Frame and APB Reloaded. A bunch of new screenshots for the upcoming game has been revealed by the developers.

Xbox 360 Edition is out

Wargaming is the development team behind the World of Tanks, a free to play shooter where players take control of different tanks and go against enemies. It is a massive online multiplayer title which has thousands of players driving huge tanks around and shooting their missiles at each other. The world war setting combined with the massive number of players paved way for its success.

Its popularity eventually helped the game go beyond the PC platform and reach the Xbox 360 player community. The developers in their official forums confirmed that the player base on the older generation console has crossed five million by now which is a huge number.

Cross Platform Support and Graphics

While the game play for World of Tanks on Xbox One will remain the same, the developers added that the game will look significantly better in terms of visuals. Everything including the world, maps and tank detail will be much better on the next gen console. They have also confirmed that with cross platform support, players on the new console will be able to compete against Xbox 360 players.

The feature adds excitement to the game because on launch date, Xbox One gamers will have over five million players to compete against and being a free game, it wouldn’t be surprising if it gets millions of downloads on the new console as well. Players can also shift their experience, achievements and unlock the latest edition of the game as everything is saved on the same Xbox Live account. You can check out the screenshots on the Wargaming blog.

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