Clash of Clans Free Download – Covering Strategies to Get the Most Out of your Clashes

Conserving Gems

The premium currency in the game consists of Gems with free gems available only in limited quantities. It is important to conserve gems. You can use gems for anything that you don’t want to wait for. They are useful for speeding things, but it is important to conserve them for later stages and for buying additional builders. You don’t have to use the gems in the first stages, but just wait patiently. Free builders are important for building or for upgrading buildings. You get two free guilders and can buy more with Gems.

You can also get free gems when you clear rocks, logs, trees and so on from the base and by earning achievements, though it could take some time.

Game Resources

Clash of Clans offers two important resources early on in the game. These are Gold and Elixir. Gold can be used for building defense structures and for upgrading facilities that produce Elixir. Elixir is another important resource for building units and for conducting research as well as upgrading facilities to produce Gold. The buildings related to resource consist of ones that produce the resource and store it. The Gold Mine and the Elixir Collector are producing buildings, whereas the Gold Storage and the Elixir Storage are the storage buildings. Both these resources are very important, so you need to build as many buildings as possible and upgrade them regularly.

Upgrading Buildings

You can upgrade the buildings to improve it and the first priority should be given to upgrading the Gold and Elixir producing buildings. This will increase the production, but you must also upgrade the storage buildings for storing more, as you cannot buy items in the game without a lot of Elixir and gold. Also, it is safer to spend your resources, so try building and upgrading things using the resources, which will prevent them from being stolen.

Take care of buildings on the low level initially, as they are offline for a very brief period. You can take care of the upgrades to the town hall in the end. Barracks, storage facilities and resource collection buildings should be maxed out. However, it might be advantageous to have a Town Hall of low level, as it is no longer a good target for raiders, with resources being limited in it.

Building Walls

After building something that is worth defending, you have to protect the buildings with walls. You can only build a fixed number of walls, so it is necessary to prioritize the buildings that you are going to protect with walls. For instance, your storage buildings have a lot of resources and are at a high risk during a raid. They will need a wall. In addition, the collector buildings also store resources till you tap them, so they are also at a risk. There is very little resource in the Town Hall, but if it gets destroyed it is a one star victory and you lose trophies, so it also needs protection. By placing such buildings behind walls, they can remain alive for a longer time. The best way of protecting your resources is to spend them. You can use resources for upgrading walls or use the excess elixir for buying units.


After grouping the defense structures and the storage structures, you need to organize them. You must have defenses that are capable of hitting archers who stand away from the structures. It is also important to keep valuable facilities of storage as much towards the center as possible, as they will only be hit later and only by a smaller enemy force, causing less damage.

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