WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK Free Download Improves Voice Calling Quality and Fixes Many Other Bugs

WhatsApp is not a new app to any smartphone user.

This instant messaging application has been causing waves with its new voice calling feature; a feature that has taken years before being released.

Even before WhatsApp started offering free voice calls, there were already over 700 million people following the app or rather, using the app on a monthly basis. This is a figure that can only be beaten by Facebook, which records an active user base of over 1.3 billion. The funniest thing about the whole situation is that Facebook now owns WhatsApp, which is the closest rival the company’s own chat Messenger faces with respect to internet communication.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp is a top instant messenger, offering the best services at no cost. To add on its instant messaging services, users of this platform can now make free voice calls with HD quality. Even though this feature is not available for all WhatsApp users, a majority of those on the app are already using it for voice calling services. These include the users of the Android, iOS as well as the BlackBerry 10 OSs.

WhatsApp is constantly improving the voice calling service

Since the WhatsApp voice calling service made its debut earlier this year, numerous updates have followed the first version. Even though none of the updates came in with major updates, except for a new material design and ability to create WhatsApp backups in a cloud service, the voice calling quality has constantly been improving with each update. This is something that WhatsApp is known for – constant updates. These updates have been refining the voice calling service, eliminating background sounds and errors that resulted in lags during calls.

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.87 comes in with similarly refining improvements to the voice calling feature of WhatsApp. In fact, this application has been designed in a way that it retains its status as a top instant messaging app. Once you update to this version, be sure that you’ll no longer hear the echoes that have been a characteristic of WhatsApp voice calls. This is a very annoying happening and now that WhatsApp has dealt with it, you can enjoy high quality voice calls with your friends for free.

As noted earlier, the errors that caused lags in communication have also been taken care of. In this case, users had to say a word, wait for some few seconds before saying another word. This was so frustrating and with the latest WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK free download, the bug has been removed.

How to get the latest WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK

WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK is not available in the Google Play Store. However, it can still be downloaded from third party websites like apkmirror.com, XDA Developers and the website of the app as well. However, you must remember to allow installation of third-party apps (APK files) on your Android phone via the Apps or Security Settings. After this, uninstall the currently installed WhatsApp and install the newly downloaded APK file. Go ahead and verify your phone number and restore your messages.

You can start to enjoy an error-free WhatsApp voice calling experience with the highest quality calls.

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