Windows 10 for Pirated Copies Will be Marked as Non-Genuine Until You Pay

Microsoft announced that they are more than willing to provide Windows 10 for free, for every user, including those who have been using Windows 8 or 7. Those pirates were really happy up until now.

The announcement came as a surprise because why would a company wish to support people who never bothered to pay them any money? The bigger picture was Microsoft wanted to bring every user under their roof and maybe to know how many of them are pirates. Their largest market still is in China, Brazil and India where millions live but the problem is that the individual users don’t bother to purchase them. These countries have a lot of users who couldn’t afford it, yet they wish to have the latest technology in hand, which is when torrents and other sources become a great way to download the operating system.

Free One Year License

According to the earlier announcement, Microsoft Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for one year. Anyone who runs Windows 7 or Windows 8 could easily make use of this offer. You don’t have to own a genuine copy of the operating system. Supporting pirates is something unheard of, but the company wanted to make sure every one of them enjoyed the convenience of using licensed software and the benefit of having them.

Once you start playing games or using OS with proper license, you get full support from the developer. It includes security fixes, patches and better coverage when compared to a pirated copy. The illegal ones are static and don’t improve with time, which is what Microsoft wants to convey to the users. But, in a recent statement, the company has kind of backtracked on their steps and has a different plan for the pirated copy owners.

Non-Genuine Users, Permanently

While Microsoft still has plans to let you upgrade to Windows 10, despite owning an illegal copy of the previous version of the operating system, the company will mark you as a non-genuine user throughout the year. We are not sure how it works, because they didn’t brief on this topic; but rather said that it will simply be used to let people know that they are still kind of a pirate! Only when they upgrade to the full version next year, they will be eligible to be identified as genuine users. It could even be used to mark you as a potential threat, who knows.

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