How To Get Minecraft Xbox One for $4.99

When you are feeling bored, one of the major ways to kill your boredom is by playing video games. The video game that has one of the largest followers in the world is Minecraft. The major reason a lot of people are addicted to Minecraft video game is because it gives them a lot of room to express their creativity and imaginations. This video game is not only about placing and breaking blocks but building team spirit with friends thereby giving you the freedom to bring your imaginations to life.

Minecraft now on Xbox One

One of the best game consoles to enjoy Minecraft video game is the Xbox one. At first, the release of the Minecraft video game on Xbox One was hampered by bugs discovered by Microsoft. These bugs were reported to 4j studio, which swiftly reacted to the reports by rectifying bug issues found in the Minecraft video game.

Longtime fans of Minecraft especially those who bought the game on the Xbox 360 console were given an opportunity to upgrade to the latest Xbox One edition of Minecraft for $4.99. Those who didn’t own or play Minecraft on Xbox360 were expected to pay $19 for the latest version. Since there is not much difference between the Xbox one and Xbox 360 versions of MineCraft, it will be unfair to make customers pay a full price for Minecraft Xbox One version – according to Mojang’s Chief Word Officer, Owen Hill.

How to Get Mincraft Xbox One version for $4.99?

As previously stated , you need to have previously purchased the Minecraft on the Xbox 360 console to be eligible for the $4.99 version. To achieve this you’ll provide the retail disk of Minecraft Xbox 360 version or you can log into your Xbox live account and then provide the digital version. Basically, you just need to provide a good proof that you’ve been playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 console. You don’t even have to own a Gold account to access this service.

All you need to do is to log into your Xbox live account using your Xbox 360 console, after logging into your Xbox live account, you’ll see a provision for upgrade next to Minecraft game for $4.99 and then you can click on the upgrade button to begin the process.

Some new features were included in Minecraft upgrade version on the Xbox One console, some of these features include: 36 larger worlds, split screen support, improved graphics and many other excellent features as compared to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Microsoft developed a comprehensive reward program, designed to encourage loyal fans, by giving one free game to every customer who purchased an Xbox game. So, you might be getting free video game if you purchase the latest Minecraft Xbox One edition or when you upgrade to the latest version of it.

In conclusion, lovers of Minecraft video games can continue to enjoy their favorite game on the Xbox One console without breaking the bank. For $4.99, you can make a seamless upgrade to Xbox One’s version of Minecraft, however, certain conditions must be met in other to be eligible for this upgrade. You can get the latest version of Minecraft on Xbox One by Logging into your Xbox live account today.

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