Battlefield 4 Features – Having a Field Day

Tense and Varied

It is a hit multiplayer, first person shooter game from DICE, offering something evergreen with its online warfare. It is a combination of infantry fights along with vehicular warfare, offering conflicts that are both exciting and tense. The game offers diversity with different weapons and gadgets along with various upgrades that produce a variety of combating roles. It is this variety that has been attracting many players, through the years, to Battlefield, and Battlefield 4 is no exception.

More than Multiplayer

It is not merely a multiplayer battling game, as it also offers a single player campaign with equally exciting events. The multiplayer version offers a lot of variety as well as freedom, which is somewhat channeled in the single player mode. In the latter mode, you will be spending most of the levels in the corridors and in close combats, so they may not be as enjoyable. Battlefield 4 surely improves on its predecessor.

Obliteration Mode

This is one of the new aspects of Battlefield 4, wherein two teams combat with each other in order to control the bomb for blowing off enemy positions. Obliteration mode is different from Conquest mode and has the advantage of having conflict zones, which can be transformed quickly, using land vehicles or air or sea vehicles. Mobility is very important in the Obliteration mode, with motorized transport always having been the major aspect of combat in the game series. You can also practice driving all the vehicles, due to the new testing range. If you are skilled in piloting a helicopter, you can swoop and pick the bomb carrier and zoom off, leaving the enemy far behind. On the other hand, you can take your own personal watercraft to escape and plan a dramatic maneuver for protecting yourself against enemies in the Obliteration mode.

Other Matches

There are also other matches that don’t involve vehicles, where players have to rely on sharp shooting skills for victory. There are Obliteration matches relying on infantry, which are fast paced and it is important to be able to shoot straight or survive a grenade burst nearby. The correct choice of weapons along with enemy detection is the key in these encounters.

Larger Conflicts

There is a lot of action in large conflicts, which can benefit from the ten huge and well-designed maps. The color saturation is richer and they are attractive to the eye, with lush fields surrounded by a huge satellite dish or viewing the neon lights of the city. There is also increased verticality, where you can access upper stories of buildings, offering strategic positions. Water is also more prevalent in this version, with marine combat playing a bigger role in Battlefield 4. If you have naval dominance, you will be able to control matches, but water mobility can be a tough task. You could swim, but that makes you vulnerable, so it is better to opt for a transport. When everything gets submerged in water, things could get problematic; so you have to get into a newly spawned boat or jump to the rooftops. This kind of deluge can bring about a dramatic change, such as destroying a skyscraper or blocking of the roads and so on.

It becomes difficult to hide behind the collapsed buildings and you will also find it tough to navigate across routes filled with craters. Destructibility has been increased, when compared to Battlefield 3 and it is a thrilling experience to blast through obstructions. You do have some explosive options, such as weapons and other gadgets, which can take down these threats present in the land, the sear or sky. There are many ways of customizing and setting the distances for the bullet, improving the impact of long-range snipers.

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