Why SMS When You Can WhatsApp? Update Yourself to the Latest Developments in Technology

WhatsApp is one of the commonest messaging applications you can find in every user’s smartphone today.

It is simple to use and gives users low-cost texting options compared to the traditional messaging services provided by mobile telephone companies.

Users across the USA, Europe and Asia can attest to the affordability of WhatsApp messaging service since the penetrationof the smartphones and purchasing power of users is far more compared to the rest of the world.

It is thus not uncommon for users of WhatsApp in these parts to take the SMSapplication that comes with a new phone for granted since they utilize WhatsApp for most of their calling and texting services. After all, they do not care about ordinarySMS apps since they useWhatsApp to save thousands of dollars annually on WhatsApp-something that would be impossible if they stickto ordinary texting services provided by mobile telephone companies.

How WhatsApp Messaging Works

WhatsApp relies on internet connectivity to send and receive messages across users. Those who have constant connection to Wi-Fi do not have to spend a single dollar on topping up their phones to utilize the traditional SMS services. They can send text messages via the internet instead.

However,WhatsApp is a closed service since only users of WhatsApp can send and receive WhatsApp messages. This means that non users cannot do so. Likewise, users of traditionalSMS services cannot send or receive messages to and from WhatsApp users.

Large Client Base

WhatsApp users can connect to over 700 million other users globally.Unlike traditional SMS services that are limited geographically and are costly especially when sending messages during offpeak and off net circumstancesWhatsApp is instant and you can even see the recipient typing theirfeedback and their online status.

WhatsApp also comes with value added services like multimedia messages including video, voice and picture sharing at cost effective rates facilitated by Wi-Fi. That gives you a perfect reason to ditch CDMA and GSM networks that support the ordinary messaging services.

Unlike GSM and CDMA services which offer limited SMS packages to their customers, WhatsApp provides endless messages and does not fluctuate during the day. There is no expiry of WhatsAppinstant messages. Neither is there a cap of how much information you can send or receive so long as you have sufficient memory on your smartphone to hold all the SMSs.

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