Microsoft’s AI Copilot Will be Soon Available to OneNote

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Microsoft has taken quite the decision, and it’s no wonder why! The company has announced a straight AI infusion for OneNote to save employees precious time on repetitive and somehow “mundane chores.” And that’s going to happen even if it sits awkwardly between Teansm Word, Outlook, and the rest of its Windows productivity suite. Well, some didn’t see it coming, but here we are…in the future!

The tech giant has not announced Copilot’s official launch, but it’s most likely that Microsoft wants to get it properly before making the feature available to millions of users.

How will AI Copilot work, you may ask?! Copilot is kinda popular across other Microsoft services, and now its purpose is to interact with other 365 apps to bring a number of essential functions. The smart assistant also has some goals, which are “create, collect, organize, and recall information.” The best part is that it can perform some cool things like summarize, highlight important stuff, reformat text, and simplify notes. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Microsoft discussed AI Copilot’s significance and how it has to be done in order not to face backlash. An excerpt of the statement reads:

[…] noting limitations, providing links to sources, and prompting users to review, fact-check, and fine-tune content based on their own knowledge and judgment.

And there’s more!

While being continuously introduced to more and more Microsoft products, Copilot is currently only available as only a “demo” to a restricted group of users. Well, that sure makes us more impatient! But as everything progresses nowadays, our wait should end up sooner or later.

Moreover, the struggle for AI domination is still ongoing. After what was at best a humiliating revelation for its chatbot, Bard, Google hinted last month about how it will incorporate AI into its free office software. So, it’s kinda obvious why more and more companies are hurrying up to embrace AI-related stuff.

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