How to Download and Install Android Apps on a Windows PC

Android apps are some of the most developer friendly applications there are.

In fact, there are quite a number of applications that are only available for the Android users, but the other mobile phone users like those with the iOS may find it hard to get.

Furthermore, there are lots of apps that are only available for Android mobile devices that include smartphones and tablets, yet there is no version for PCs. This means that you must use an Android phone if you want to make any use of these apps. There are however many people who have wanted to bring one or two apps from their Android phones to their computing environment. This is mainly because they will have a larger screen to view from, which is also a lot easier to use than the small sized phone screen.

How to use Android apps on a desktop

In order to use any Android application on your desktop or laptop, you will need to get a special software to help you out. This application is known as an emulator and as the name suggests, it brings the Android environment to the PC in a virtual manner.

The most common Android emulators you can get around are BlueStacks, Andy and Youwave. You can opt for any but in this case, we will show you how to download and install BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC.

BlueStacks Android Emulator

With the help of your web browser in PC, look for the BlueStacks installer package and download it to your desktop or laptop. Go ahead and install it on your PC and then run it. When this application is installed, it creates an environment on your PC that mobile apps detect as Android. However, in order to get any application on your PC, you will have to first of all get the Play Store app up and running in the BlueStacks application. The good thing is that this Android emulator comes with a built-in Play Store, which in turn makes work easier for any user looking to access the store from their PCs.

Once you have the Google Play Store ready, you can browse through this Android market just in the same way as you do on your phone. Furthermore, you can click on any application and follow the simple steps that come along with the application in order to complete the installation of any application you want from the Google Play Store.

Even though you will end up with all your Android apps on your PC, there are some applications that might be very hard to use on your PC. This is basically because they have been designed to be used with touch screen commands. Better still, this could still work in your favor, if you use a touch screen PC.

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