Microsoft’s Print Screen Button Will Get an Upgrade Soon

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Microsoft is now looking for a sleek, new method to improve the functionality of the Print Screen button. Yes, the Print Screen one, you’ve read correctly! As odd as this might be, it is, in fact, what’s in Microsoft’s plans, and we’ll get to see it upgraded. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

So, what should we expect from one of the most used yet boring functions? First things first, Microsoft intends to somehow modify the Print Screen button’s default function in Windows 11. Practically, what the company wants to do is that when we press the button not to copy what is shown on our desktop right to the clipboard. Instead of that, the print screen button will turn into the more flexible Snipping Tool we all know in Windows 11.

Is this change really necessary?

Hmm, I think that just depends on what other plans Microsoft has. But that’s another story for another time.

On most keyboards, the Print Screen button is a bit annoying. For most of us, it may be simpler to stick with the current Snipping Tool shortcut, which is Win key + Shift + S.

Going back to the Snipping Tool features, the upgrade will show how instead of capturing the full screen (still an option, don’t worry!), users of the Snipping Tool can only grab a portion of their desktop. That’s relatively better, though! Thanks to the rectangular and freeform cool modes, you’ll also be able to record everything that you desire of a single window or maybe just a bit.

As previously said, the upgrade isn’t mandatory. According to BetaNews, if you don’t actually like the change, you can simply adjust your system’s accessibility settings and go back to the previous Print Screen button. Additionally, Windows 11 won’t automatically alter any custom functions you may have given the key to in the past.

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