Telegram Messaging: Chat Securely and with High Speed on your Mobile or PC

Have you been looking for a Whatsapp Messenger alternative that offers the same convenience but greater features? There are several messenger applications that have been developed but none has really lived up to the hype of outperforming Whatsapp but that will likely happen with Telegram messenger.

For a messenger application to compete with whatsapp, it must be able to offer what whatsapp is able to deliver with convenience but also offer more options, otherwise why would someone move from what has served him or her perfectly in the past? That is where Telegram messenger comes in.

How is Telegram messaging app different from other messaging apps? 

To start with, Telegram messenger offers multiplatform compatibility. You can access your telegram messages on whatever platform you are using to connect to the internet be it your phone or desktop. It is available for iphone, iPad, android and windows phone on mobile and on Linux, Mac, Mac OS, Web-browser and windows.

Would you like to send a more secure message?

This is where Telegram is better than whatsapp and all other apps available for free messaging. The app features two types of chat that include ordinary chat and secure chat. Ordinary chats use client server encryption and can be accessed across multiple platforms. Secure chat is convenient for secret chats. The secure chat use end-to-end encryption and they are only accessed from the two participating devices. Secure chats cannot be accessed by third parties including Telegram administrators.

Secret chats cannot be forwarded to other users outside of the conversation and they do not leave any trace on the Telegram servers making it impossible to trace the messages after they have self destructed. In addition to the encryption difference, the other difference between ordinary and secure chats is the self destruction feature. You do not have to worry that a person will find your messages as they will self destruct as you prefer on the timer. There is no restriction on what you can send on a secure chat including texts, images, videos, documents and locations. You are also at liberty to determine after how long will the messages self destruct. On the self destruct timer, you can set anything from two seconds up to a week.

Why move to telegram messaging application

Just like Whatsapp app was designed to offer mobile users with affordable convenient way of communicating, Telegram was also designed with a purpose. It was built with focus on security and speed. It is simple to use, super fast, secure and free.

Some of its amazing features include

  • Secure: Telegram uses MTPronto protocol that is built upon tested algorithms to ensure the app is secure with reliability and high speed delivery even on weak connections.
  • Cloud Storage: The app uses cloud storage enabling you to sync across all your devices. Your data is stored freely on Telegram cloud and thus, you can be able to view even your old messages on a new phone without the need to backup your messages.
  • 100% Free and with no Ads: Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram does not charge any subscription fee and does not support ads. It is purely non profit making messaging app.
  • Privacy: Your privacy is guaranteed irrespective of the chatting mode you use. The app is an offshore designed app and thus, no government interference.


What are you waiting for? Get Telegram free download for your iPhone and iPad or android and start securely chatting on the go with your mobile or download the desktop version for your office use.

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