WhatsApp Web – The Ultimate Guide

WhatsApp Web is a version of WhatsApp messaging app that runs on a computer. The computer WhatsApp version is intended to enrich the user’s communication experience by offering cross-platform access to the app’s popular features. However, since most people use WhatsApp on their smartphones, few fully understand how the app in its WhatsApp Web version.

Granted, there are quite some differences between the mobile WhatsApp version and WhatsApp Web, the desktop variant of the app. So, here is information on how to use WhatsApp Web.

How To Use WhatsApp Web

1) Certain requirements must be met before WhatsApp Web can work properly. For one, to use this app, the user has have WhatsApp account on the phone. WhatsApp Web does not involve opening another WhatsApp account, it just entails accessing your the WhatsApp account on your phone through your computer.

2) Additionally, both the phone and the computer must have a reliable Internet connection. Finally, the computer should have have a recent version of Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla.

3) With all the above requirements in place, you are supposed to go to web.whatsapp.com page on the computer.

4) You should then go to the WhatsApp app on your mobile device and open Menu, then WhatsApp Web.

5) From there, you should scan the provided QR Code provided on the computer.

6) At this point the connection should be complete and you should be able to use WhatsApp Web for all the regular WhatsApp functions, for instance, sending messages, images, and so forth.

7) Additionally, any changes made to WhatsApp mobile version will apply to the WhatsApp Web version.

8) To log out of WhatsApp Web, you should again go to Menu, then WhatsApp Web, and then log out from the active session of WhatsApp Web. All the messages sent and received when using WhatsApp Web are synced to the phone, which means they can be seen on both platforms. The messages are synced for as long as you remain logged in, even if you are away from your computer. Therefore, you should ensure you are logged out when you leave if you access WhatsApp using a public computer.

What You Need To Know About WhatsApp Web

* At the moment, the service can be used by phones with Android OS, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, BlackBerry smartphones, Nokia S60 and S40, as well as BB10 smartphones.

* The WhatsApp Web platform is similar to the mobile WhatsApp interface, just much bigger. So, you can still use emojis, view your list of contacts, and so forth.

* On the other hand, if require features such as sending voice messages, you will be required to approve access.

* WhatsApp Web does not require the user to download any software on to the computer, all that is needed is to access the web.whatsapp.com site and log in as outlined in the instructions to use the service.


WhatsApp Web came as a solution for users who prefer to use the app on a computer as opposed to a mobile device. The service is pretty easy to set up, and the requirements are quite easy to achieve. Basically, WhatsApp Web users can enjoy everything they experience with the WhatsApp mobile app, just on a much larger scale

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