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There isn’t a smartphone out there that doesn’t have WhatsApp installed. The app has both valuable and cool features added, particularly on the Android platform. The features are very well structured, but the privacy issue still raises a few questions. This is something that developers are trying hard to improve, in order to assure proper privacy to all users.  Here is a short list of some of the key features that all users should consider having:

Invisible status – if you used other message platforms, then you know what this feature is all about. WhatsApp should not overlook this aspect. If you don’t want everybody in your contact list to see you online, just switch to invisible.

Busy status – this is a great feature which will come in handy. If you wish to work quietly and don’t get constant notifications, you should be able to add ”busy” to your status. You will get the notifications once you decide to go back to the online status and you won’t get those aggravating alerts.

Friend request included – there were those who wanted to include this feature in WhatsApp as well. However, WhatsApp may get inspired from LinkedIn’s method of adding friends to the list. The people, who are not friends with you, will not be permitted to send more than 3 messages. And unless you send a message back, the user will not be able to send you more annoying texts. It’s a relief isn’t it?

Revoke a message – It happened to all of us to send a message by mistake or to simply regret sending out a message. So why not come up with some sort of method to revoke the text?

Just text messages – Some users have set-up to receive merely text messages from some contacts. This means no videos or pictures. If you activate this feature, you will receive only messages from the person you have selected in your list.

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