Farmville 2 Country Escape – A Sequel to the Monstrous Hit

Zynga is famous for the Farmville series that took Facebook by storm way back in 2012.

The game is back with a bang with the new version, Farmville 2, available in play stores for iOS and Android phones. The new game comes with additional optimizations that prevent spamming your friends in Facebook. The first Farmville was well known for putting off many, due to friends spamming you from all directions.

Welcoming Interface

 The interface of Farmville 2 is very welcoming and simple and offers a pleasant experience. Players are told that they have to take over the farm from the grandparents and can get all the help they need. They have to choose crops, buildings and animals and then place them in the farm; add plots, use dragging actions for feeding the animals, watering the crops and so on. Once they have planted crops, they can be ready to get a harvest in a short time.

Objective or Aim

The aim of the game is to fix up the family farm, by growing crops and by harvesting the products from the plants and the animals. These can result in lucrative products that can be created at various places. For instance, you can use the dairy for milk products; the windmill for grinding the wheat into flour and so on.

Knowing the Basic Tasks

You can also use coins and speed seeds to go past the waiting times. Crops, such as carrots and wheat take a very short time to grow. There is also plenty of water to go around. New players will receive an introduction on all the basic tasks, such as going to a friend’s farm, selling an item in the board, and whipping up a cake and so on. Whenever you complete a task, you can get more experience and level up, thereby moving on to newer areas. For instance, you can move on to Grandma’s Glade. Here, you can send farmhands for finding blackberries or any other stuff for fifteen minutes. The Farm Orders is a board that gives the player different tasks to fulfill. Players can perform these tasks and get more experience and level up. It offers various requests related to different crops and products, so that the player is able to earn cash easily. This will help the player purchase more land.

The trading market is a very important part of the game play. You can use the community button for buying crafts, tools and crops from your friends or from the community and also from random players. This reduces the time taken for passing quests.

Touch Based Controls

 The controls are simple and easy and are touch based. You have to only tap on the crops for watering them or merely drag an ingredient for creating a recipe, using just a swipe. The sales board is regularly updated, so you can see the price that you will get for crops or for goods.


Farmville 2 Country Escape is a fully mobile game and comes with improved graphics when compared to the original Farmville game. It is a very charming game, but the creative freedom present in the original game is missing from the sequel. However, there is more thought involved while you grow things in the farm, as the storage space is quite limited and you will need actual money for expanding it. The game also offers a good rhythm and you get accustomed to the gameplay as you progress through the game. The only problem with Farmville 2 is that the player is not able to express himself much. There are many decorative items, but not as many as those found in the original game. The land expansions are also given to the player on a very strict basis, but the gameplay has surely become more coherent.

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