WhatsApp v2.12.55 Free Download – Voice Calling Feature and Google Drive

WhatsApp is continuously evolving and that can be noticed from all the BETA versions that are released once or two times per week. As it was expected, WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature can be used now by everyone who has the latest stable (or BETA) version on their Android device.

This feature was expected for quite a while and only a few Android users had the chance to test it out before it got released for the wide public. WhatsApp’s developers have tested the Voice Calling feature for quite a while before releasing it officially, but it seems that they still have a lot of work on it. Currently, the Voice Calling feature doesn’t work as smooth as everyone expected and it is actually quite laggy sometimes. There are times when the call is even ending for no reason.

WhatsApp v2.12.55 comes with some new improvements to the Voice Calling feature, but it also features Google Drive.

WhatsApp v2.12.55 and Google Drive

Google Drive is a great feature that will be enjoyed by everyone. Did you ever lose your mobile phone and all your WhatsApp messages? Well, by using Google Drive you will be able to back up all your WhatsApp messages on the virtual drive and access them via the internet. So, in case you will lose your mobile phone, you will just need to head to your carrier, ask them to lock the SIM that’s in the lost phone and give you another SIM with the same number. This way, you will be able to recover your WhatsApp account and after that, recover all your WhatsApp messages via Google Drive!

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp v2.12.55

WhatsApp 2.12.55 is currently in BETA, which means that you can’t find it in the Google Play Store. However, by heading to the official WhatsApp website, you will be able to get your hands on the WhatsApp 2.12.55 APK and install it on your Android device. Make sure that you backup your WhatsApp messages and uninstall the current WhatsApp version you have on your Android device before you try to install the WhatsApp 2.12.55 version.

HINT: Since this APK file has been downloaded from a third party source, you will have to enable Unknown Sources feature. This feature can be found on either Settings->Applications or Settings->Security of your Android device (depends from an Android OS version to another).

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