Microsoft To Offer Free Upgrade From Windows 7/8 to Windows 10

Microsoft charged a premium price for past versions of the Windows operating system. Apparently, the company is changing the formula for Windows 10. Executives from the company recently revealed a new strategy for its next Windows release. Individuals can upgrade to the operating system for free upon release with some restrictions. Without a doubt, such an opportunity has never existed in the past, and Microsoft is looking to draw consumers back to its embattled operating system. These moves could prove vital in that pursuit.

Download The Preview For Windows 10 Now

Currently, Microsoft offers a Windows 10 Technical Preview for download. The preview receives regular updates, including new features, so users know what’s coming in the final product release. Anyone with a computer can download and install the preview OS onto their existing machine, whether it runs Windows or not. For the most part, early adopters have approved of the changes Microsoft has made to its iconic operating system, especially after Windows 8 came with heavy criticisms. Positive word of mouth can only help Microsoft.

Windows 7, 8 and RT Users Can Upgrade For Free During Year One

According to Microsoft, users running previous versions of Windows can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The free upgrade period lasts for one year after the release of Windows 10. Users will need to pay the upgrade fee for the OS after that period. However, only users with Windows 7/8 and RT can take advantage of this offer. They’ll need to download the new OS onto those machines when possible. An individual running Windows Vista and below would have to purchase a Windows 7 license first, though.

Updates From That Point Are Free For Upgraded Users

Luckily, users receive more than Windows 10 free for one year. All future updates for the operating system are provided free of charge, too. A user can’t move their free license from one computer to another, though. Either way, Microsoft will provide support for the life of Windows 10 without charging a penny for the updates. Such updates include bug fixes, security patches, and other essential updates. The fact that updates remain costless for upgraded users is a huge deal.

No Word On Pricing Schedule For Other Users

No pricing information is available on Windows 10 outside of the free upgrade offer. New users or those upgrading after year one will undoubtedly have to pay full price for the operating system. At this point, nobody knows what full price actually means. Microsoft could charge its usual prices ($80+) for Windows 10. Otherwise, the company could implement a subscription service for the new OS, similar to how Office 365 subscriptions work. Nobody’s quite sure what Microsoft’s going to do for now.

Windows 10 To Release Before End Of 2015

Between now and December 2015, Windows 10 will hit the market. Most people assume the operating system will arrive between August and November. Either way, anticipation for the OS is high, and Microsoft recently showed off a number of new features. Analysts and consumers are excited for the release, which blends Windows 7 and 8 alongside major improvements. In the end, this new operating system is starting to look nothing like its predecessors, in the best way possible.

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