WhatsApp Voice Calling Features for Windows Phoneand Video Calling Features for Windows Phone

According to the broadcast posted on WhatsApp’s Facebook page, by Jan Koum the chief executive of WhatsApp, the users that have been using this app has reached the 800 million breaking point. Pretty impressive right?  WhatApp has just included the voice calling element for the Android alternative. And don’t worry, WhatsApp will also soon launch this feature for iOS devices and Windows mobile phones.

Based on several rumors, it seems that the voice call feature for those operating on a Windows Phone will include: ignore and mute features, end call, incoming call and so on. Even if whispers are spreading fast all over the internet, there hasn’t been an official date for this launch. The International Business Times predicts that this feature will be accessible for Windows Phone gizmos, starting with the month of May. So what’s the hold-up you might ask? Well, it seems that those working on the features wish to make it accessible for iOS and Android, since a large number of people seem to be operating on these platforms.

Check Out the Anticipated WhatsApp Characteristics for the Windows Phone:

Video Calling – this will be a cost-free feature available for all users.

WhatsApp Skype and Facebook Unification

A report posted by IBTTimes claims that a “send” button with WhatsApp symbols can be noticeable underneath each comment or post, as well as other alternatives like: Comment, Share and Like buttons. Also those using Windows Phone can also have a new “ Call via Skype” feature added. This video call feature is just 1 click away.

Save the WhatsApp Chat On One Drive

For those who use Android, WhatsApp has brought to the table a pretty cool feature that will allow you to actually save the conversations you have on Google Drive. This is done by liking one’s Gmail Account. The same backup feature will also be put in practice for those using Windows Phone, although there hasn’t been an official authorization for this so far.

More Upgrades

The app will also permit you to switch off the read notices. You can also use it on browsers like Opera or Firebox and not just Chrome.

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