WhatsApp 2.12.86 Free Download and Install on Nokia Asha

WhatsApp for Nokia Asha has received a new version, however, this version is still in beta and as such, it is still not stable.

Nevertheless, it is always fun to get a taste of what is being developed for the future and installing a jad file of this application on your Nokia Asha phone is the only way to test the newly introduced features.

WhatsApp developers have been very busy and this has not just been happening on the Android, Windows Phone and iOS fronts; it seems the same is happening with the Nokia and Symbian platforms as well. This is a huge boost for those who are still using this version of phones. Just recently, the developers rolled out a WhatsApp 2.12.85 beta, which came in with some new features and improvements to the previous versions. A new version has already been released and this is WhatsApp 2.12.86, which is again still in beta.

The most probable reason for this quick release of beta files of WhatsApp is that the developers might have discovered a bug or error in the previous version, something that required quick attention. What this means is that there are very few chances that the new WhatsApp 2.12.86 beta comes in with a bunch of new features, rather, expect more improvements and bug fixes, which will only fix the performance of the app. This doesn’t mean that Nokia Asha users won’t be getting anything new in the near future; in fact, this is thought to be where the developers are headed next after rolling out WhatsApp voice calling for Windows Phone.

How to download and install WhatsApp 2.12.86 beta on Nokia Asha

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.86 is still in beta and as such, you won’t find it in the Opera Mobile Store. This does not, however, stop you from getting this app installed on your Nokia Asha. In fact, it is very easy to download and install WhatsApp beta on Nokia Asha phones; just keep reading.

WhatsApp 2.12.86 beta for Nokia Asha can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp page. All you need is to launch the mobile web browser of your phone and head to www.whatsapp.com. From here, choose to download the S40 version of WhatsApp beta from the website. Also ensure that the version you download is the latest, which is v2.12.86.

Once the jad file is downloaded and saved on your phone, find it and open click on it to open it. Accept the terms and conditions and go ahead and use your phone number to verify the account. After the verification process is done, you will be good to go. Since this version of WhatsApp is still in beta, you might encounter some buggy performances during your messaging exercises. However, there is a stable and bug-free version available for free downloading from the official Opera Mobile Store.

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