Adobe Flash Player 17 vs. HTML 5 – Why Flash is the Best?

Almost every computer in the world will have the Adobe Flash Player 17 or a lower version of the plug-in installed.

Without flash, you can hardly experience the internet, as it is the key to viewing great multimedia content, videos and interactive stuff.

Recently, YouTube confirmed that they are upgrading to HTML 5 for all their videos on Google Chrome browser. However, they didn’t upgrade the same on the Mozilla Firefox, among other browsers, because there are obvious reasons why the Adobe Flash Player 17 is still the best. Here’s why you just can’t upgrade to it yet.

Majority of Devices Support it

Adobe Flash Player 17 is the latest version released by the developers and it is easily the best ever. The plug-in is supported by a majority of devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, except for Apple products which choose not to have them. When the company announced they won’t allow flash, most people were disappointed. Even today, majority of the devices and websites still rely on the plug-in to deliver multimedia content.

You can easily view videos, images as well as browse interactive content on any computer or laptop, among other devices, when you have Flash installed on it. HTML 5 can’t make such a claim because it is yet to be fully adopted. Even when it does, it is not sure whether it can completely replace Flash at any point.

Easy to Use

There is no complicated installation procedure associated with Adobe Flash Player 17. You can easily download it from the Adobe website or you can find installation files on many third party websites. The company also supports automatic updates on all major browsers. Be it Firefox, Opera or Chrome, the download will be initiated as soon as a new version comes out. Download it and you will soon be submerged in the long list of new features that are introduced by the developers.

Innovative Features

While many people believe HTML 5 is better for videos and interactive content, the Adobe Flash Player 17 has gone a step ahead. The plug-in now supports full screen, 3D gaming within the browser and even allows you to control the characters using keyboard input. It also supports the mouse for fast paced MMORPG titles and makes full use of the available graphics card, so that you can enjoy Direct X or Open GL powered game titles. Upgrade to the latest version and you are sure to experience the difference.

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