WhatsApp Makeover – Spick-and-Span Material Design Available for Android Users

WhatsApp, the beloved IM app is being used worldwide for free. Now, this app functions on iPhones, Blackberries, Windows Phones, Android devices and so on. And why no costs you may ask? Simply because the app employs the exact same data plan users use for emails or leafing through different websites.

WhatsApp Gets a Material Design Makeover for Android Users

The IM app just got this brand new makeover in terms of design. The Voice call feature that has just been released along with this state-of-the-art Material Design only makes the app even more worshiped.

The 2.12.84 upgrade can now be downloaded from Google Play Store. Back in April, the 2.12.38 version was just rolled out by WhatsApp along with the Material Design available for Android devices. However, back then the update could be accessed merely on the website of the company.

The enhancements regarding the Material Design, comes with some cool green hues which you will love instantly. Make sure you take a look at the top bar (calls, chats and contacts are included) and notice the enlargement of these add-ons. Because most of the icons have been narrowed down, this gives the UI a smoother look. The bright hues and the bigger sizes can also be seen in the attachment icons in the app. Even if the app contains a vast array of emoticons, a few adjustments concerning the colors and the design have been made. Take a look at the background and notice the fact that it’s completely white, a thing that highlights the emoji even more.

Now let’s take a look at the Chat feature, where if you tap on a contact’s profile image, it will instantly augment. This will allow you to see other kinds of info such as messages, calls and other details regarding their profile. All of the profile images appear in a round frame and we love this new look way better than the former square type shape. As for the conversations, now they will show up as fun bubbles and the mic contains a distinct symbol as well.

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