Best WhatsApp Profile Pictures To Impress Your Friends

One of the best ways to impress your friends on WhatsApp is by using a nice profile picture. WhatsApp display pictures, also known as a WhatsApp dp, is so nice that it will certainly capture the attention of everyone who sees the picture. For a long time, people changed their Facebook profile pictures and Orkut wallpapers every so often. However, now people are using and changing their WhatsApp pictures.

Everyone wants to put their best picture on their profile. The good news is that there are some very awesome WhatsApp pictures that you can use to impress your friends and family members. The good news is that there are different WhatsApp pictures for men and boys as well as different ones for girls and women. When using these WhatsApp pictures you must makes sure that you are not using a picture that is larger than 192 x 192 pixels.

If you use a larger size, then you will be forced into cropping the pictures. Here is a look at the best WhatsApp profile pictures to impress your friends.

1. True Friends

This is a very cute picture and one that is certainly going to impress your friends. This picture has two young people – one a boy and the other a girl – sitting next to each other on a bench near a tree.

You can check this picture out here at:

2. Fake friends believe in rumors, Real friends believe in you

This WhatsApp picture is really a great way of telling all those who profess to be your friends just what real friends are.

You can view this picture here:

3. Yesterday=History, Tomorrow= Mystery, Today = Gift. That’s why it is called present.

This picture when used on your profile will send out a strong message.

You can view this picture here:

4. Everything will be OK

Ever wanted your friends to know how much you value their friendship. Ever had a minor tiff with a friend? If yes, then you can change your WhatsApp profile picture with this one and in this way you can tell them that everything will be OK.

You can see this picture here:

5. Party Evolution

This is a great WhatsApp profile picture. After partying with your friends you may want to change your profile picture to this.

You can view the picture here:

6. Doctor please tell me boy or girl? I want to update status on Facebook

This is another great WhatsApp profile picture to impress your friends with. Of course, you should only use this picture if you have just given birth to a baby.

You can view this picture here:

7. Dear haters, I have so much ore for you to be mad at. Just be patient.

If you have been receiving hate messages from someone then you may want to use this WhatsApp profile picture to send a loud and clear message to the haters who have been bugging you with hate messages.

You can learn more about what this picture looks like by clicking here:


This is but a very small sample of the best WhatsApp profile pictures to impress your friends. Each has a unique message that you can convey to your friends. Depending on the occasion and need, you can use any one of these pictures as your profile picture on WhatsApp.

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