Best 4 Custom Launchers for Android Devices

Are you bored with the same, old, boring grid icons that characterize the Android home screen and maybe you want something to freshen things up?

Well, lucky you because there are lots of alternatives out there that will for sure not disappoint you.

The Google Play Store is where you can get these alternatives and for sure, you’ll be able to turn your phone’s look into something much more beautiful as you feel. If you are thinking of getting one of these custom Android launchers, you definitely don’t want to go through over 30 different apps just to try and get the best from them. This is true because we’ve done the dirty work for you and below and the best 4 custom launchers that you can download and install on your Android phone.

Google Now Launcher

If you are after the stock Google experience, then the best option for you is the Google Now Launcher. Swipe once to the right and the Google Now voice assistant springs to life. This application is also the best shot for non-Lollipop users to get a taste of the new Material Design that makes this OS a wonder.

Google Now Launcher will favor heavy users of Google services. The Google Now assistant will tap into your Gmail, for example, and find details about travel, calendar events as well as update you on weather reports as well as traffic details. Even though you may feel a little creepy with the information Google asks from you, you will for sure enjoy the services you get from the Google Now Launcher.

Apex Launcher

With Apex Launcher, you’ll be guaranteed of a custom launcher that is minimalistic and offers a stock-like appearance with just a few extras to go with. One of the best features you’ll get with Apex Launcher is the ability to personalize the homescreen grid size and include more apps on the screen if you feel like. Furthermore, this Android launcher lets you add up to 9 extra screens, which means you will never run out of the screens to add apps.

You can even get more flexibility with the paid version, which is available for just $4. This is a good choice if you want a launcher that offers a cleaner UI and more expandability than what the default launcher offers.

Smart Launcher 2

Smart Launcher 2 is an intelligent custom launcher that tries to anticipate the needs of the user by bundling apps and services together. You will enjoy the minimalist wallpaper and specifically targeted homescreen offered by Smart launcher 2. All you need is tap on the icon of the app you need from the main circle or opt to pulling out the app grid from the left.

On the side you’ll come across a sidebar for placing specific app groupings. In this way, it is much faster to access specific apps as opposed to having to constantly scroll through the app drawer. Smart Launcher 2 also comes in with numerous customization options, for instance, homescreen clocks, layout options as well as optional icon packs.

Yahoo Aviate

What the Yahoo Aviate attempts to do with your home screen is clean it up. It then anticipates your specific needs by curating how all of your apps are grouped. This is achieved via auto-categorization of apps and changing the configuration of these apps based on the time of the day. A suitable example is where Yahoo Aviate offers more productivity-centered tasks for work, for instance, Google Drive, Dropbox and email apps in the afternoon and in the evening you will get apps that encourage you to hit the town.

Even though this launcher customizes your app drawer, you can still rearrange where each category sits. The screen search bar makes use of Yahoo and not the usual Google, so beware of this when you choose Yahoo Aviate as your custom Android launcher.

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