WhatsApp Free Download 2.12.79 Beta APK On Android – Stability, New Features and Happy Customers

WhatsApp is evolving and its developers are putting their ideas into practice, so the sake of this application. If the new version has bugs, they are removed from the next version and so on. The important aspects that are taken into consideration by the developers are: stability, new features and happy customers, and WhatsApp pleases most of the users by giving them new features and less bugs with each new version. The last APK you can download from the official website is 2.12.79 and its only changes are related to bug fixes.

Every few days, you should check the official website of WhatsApp, to be up-to-date with the latest version for your Android smartphone. Currently, you can download the 2.12.79 APK, which doesn’t have apparent changes, only minor fixes and performance improvements, but it’s 5KB smaller than the previous version, containing 192 modified files.

You won’t be able to download this version from the Google Play because it’s in beta and like every beta version, it isn’t retouched and may come with other bugs which you can report to the developers, in order to get them fixed. This version supports Voice Calling, the feature that was introduced in February, but the quality of the calls is improved and they no longer end out of the sudden or lagging. There is another feature that you might find useful – WhatsApp Web, which allows you to log into your account from your computer, by using a supported web-browser such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox and opening the web.whatsapp.com page, where there’s a QR code that needs to be scanned with the phone’s camera.

Unfortunately, the option to backup data on Google Drive is missing and if you really want it, then install the version 2.12.45 from the internet. However, when installing applications that are not hosted on Google Play, you need to enable the Unknown Sources, by checking the box that was placed in front of it. You will find this option in your phone’s Security settings. Remember that, recently, WhatsApp received a new Material Design with a lot of visual improvements.

WhatsApp is free to use in the first year, then an annual fee of 0.99 dollars will be applied for continuing using the application.

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