Minecraft Brings Female Characters, PS4, PS3 Players Get Simpsons Skin

Minecraft players should be rejoicing at the moment because the game has received multiple updates, skins, all new female character and more, at the same time.

With a view to make everyone happy, the developers 4J studios have launched exclusive content for Playstation and Xbox consoles. In an exclusivity deal, Microsoft console players got it first on Xbox, but Sony has managed to bring Simpsons skin pack to their Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles after a short wait. It is a delight to explore the world and be Marge, Homer along with all the other favorite characters from the series that is loved by people around the globe.

The Lady Miner

A female miner finally joins the Minecraft family. Mojang officially made the announcement in their blog and confirmed that it is time for Alex to step in. While Steve is a popular character and a really good miner at his job, there needs to be someone from the opposite gender too.

Besides, having a female character has been a long time request from fans. A lot of girls play the game and there are even guys who like to represent themselves in a new skin. Alex is here who has thinner arms and nice red hair, if you really care about her hairstyle. The team also feels that she looks somewhat like Jens and is capable of doing every job that Alex has been taking up for a long time now on almost every platform.

Simpsons is Coming Home

Minecraft PS4 and PS3 editions have received a special Simpsons skin pack. The pack was already launched on Xbox consoles and it took a while but now as it is here, you no longer have to worry about missing Homer, Lisa, Bart among everyone else. There are over a dozen characters to choose from and they will now embrace the world of Minecraft on the PS4 and PS3 consoles.

For Xbox 360 owners, who may be worried that they are still on last generation, the team has some special achievements and bonus music tracks to explore. After all, the game is more fun when you have something nice to listen to. There will be 30 new achievements which can get users up to 1000 gamer score, and this is a huge thing to unlock. The music tracks are another bonus coming to Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

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