WhatsApp Download and Install On Your iPod Or iPad Without Spending Money or Jailbreaking It

As you already know, there is no WhatsApp version for iPods or iPads, but there is a way to install this popular application without jailbreaking your device. If you visit the store via your iPod or iPad you will notice that WhatsApp is not available for download for any of these two devices. In order to install WhatsApp on your iPod or iPad, you will also need an iPhone which you will use to activate WhatsApp on your iPod or iPad.

Installing WhatsApp on iPad/iPod that runs on iOS 8

We already know that the version 2.11.11 doesn’t work anymore when you try to install WhatsApp on an iPad that runs on iOS 8. To fix this issue, search and download WhatsApp 2.11.8 .ipa file on your iPad. This installer will work on the iPad even if it runs on iOS 8.

In order to get the installer you will have to install iTunes on your Mac or PC and search for WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa file. After you get the file on your Mac or PC, you will have to install SynciOS, which is an application that you will use to connect your iPad or iPod to your Mac/PC.

After you open SynciOS click on My Device->Applications->Install and choose WhatsApp 2.11.8 ipa file that you’ve just downloaded on your PC/MAC. Keep in mind that the file is somewhere in C:usersusernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications. If you can’t find it, check where iTunes saves the files and you’ll find it there.

After you install WhatsApp on your iPad/iPod you will also need to activate it. In order to do this, you will need an iPhone.

Activating WhatsApp on iPad/iPod without jailbreaking

Get an iPhone and install WhatsApp on it, but keep in mind that if it already has one installed, just uninstall it and install it back. After installing/re-installing WhatsApp on your iPhone, you will need a phone number in order to activate it. Just type the number that you will want to use on iPad/iPod. Now connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and open SynciOS application. After you open SynciOS, go to My Device->Applications->WhatsApp and click on preview button. After clicking the preview button, you will notice some folders, but you will select ONLY Library and Documents folders and after that click on export.

Now, you can unplug your iPhone and plug your iPad or iPod back on your PC/Mac. Open SynciOS got o My Device->Applications->WhatsApp click on preview button and delete both Library and Documents files and drag and drop the Library and Documents files that you’ve just exported from the iPhone.

After that, disconnect your iPad/iPad and you will notice that WhatsApp is installed and activated on your device.

Once again, keep in mind that WhatsApp 2.11.11 version doesn’t work on iOS 8 and you will need the WhatsApp 2.11.8 version to make it work.

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