Resurrect A Dead Sim In The Sims 4

One of the most annoying and disappointing things that can happen when playing The Sims 4 is to realize that a sim has died. It happens from time to time to players that neglect their sims but death is not permanent in the game. It is possible to bring a sim back from the dead. In fact there are two ways to do it and both of them are equally difficult. In fact because they take quite a bit of time it would be recommended to start working on one of them even if no sim is dead yet.

The Book Of Life

The first method needs to be started before a sim dies and it all starts with writing. A sim needs to have level 10 in the writing skill. At level 10 sims can complete the “Bestselling Author” aspiration which enables him to write the “The Book Of Life”. This epic book will enable a new action called “Capture Epic Saga…” of sim living in that house. In order for the resurrection to work the epic saga needs to be captured before the sim dies.

Once all of the above are done it is time to resurrect someone. When a sim dies he leaves behind a ghost. The ghost is the key to how a dead sim gets raised from the dead. Once the ghost appears one of the sims living in that house needs to become friends with the ghost. Friendship level needs to reach about 95%. At that percentage the player can ask the ghost to move in. If the ghost accepts it is time to gain control over it and use their Book of Life. The action is called “Restore Life” and when it is used the sim will come back alive and the ghost will disappear.


This method of resurrecting a sim using ambrosia works even if it is done entirely after the moment of death. It requires level 10 in Cooking, level 10 in Gourmet Cooking and level 7 Gardening.

These skills will be used to get Angelfish, Death Flower and a Potion of youth. It will take a bit to get these items but there are separate guides that can be found quite easy for each of them. Once acquired it is time to cook the ambrosia. The next step is to get the ghost to eat some of it. This could be difficult to do but it is important to know that ambrosia lasts for 10 hours the fridge without becoming unusable.

Which Method Is Better?

It is difficult to say which method is better. Obviously nobody wants to have a dead sim but when it happens it is better to be prepared. The Book of Life works quite well but it requires a lot of preparation before the sim dies. Ambrosia on the other hand is much better as it can be cooked and served after death.

Obviously the Book of Life is a preventive measure while Ambrosia is recommended to be used when a sim dies by accident and needs to be resurrected. This mechanic can be used in multiple ways and some players even killed on purpose their sims just so they can resurrect them.

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