Best Browsers To Support Flash Content – Install On Android 5.0 Lollipop

There are more and more users asking which browsers are the best for playing Flash content. This is why today we’re going to help you out with examples of browsers that support flash player without any problems. You can try all these three browsers and decide for yourself which one is better for you.

Installing Flash Player on Android Jelly Bean, Android KitKat And Android Lollipop

Using FlashFox

One of the best methods to use the Flash Player on Android is the FlashFox. Using this flash browser, you will notice how smooth it renders Flash content from websites. This is not the best solution, as sometimes it may not render the flash animations as great as usual. Now, Adobe Flash Player is at version 16, but the Android support stopped at the 11.1 version and this is why sometime FlashFox doesn’t render flash content as well as we would want to.

Using Dolphin Browser

Flash is not enabled automatically on Dolphin Browser and this is why you will have to tap on the Dolphin icon in order to get to the settings of the browser. After that, tap on Web Content->Flash Player and set it to “Always On”.

After you’ve set this, visit a webpage that has Flash content inside. Once it detects the flash content, you will be asked if you want to install Flash Player. This is when you will tap on “download” and the Flash player will install. Keep in mind that you might have to enable the unknown sources from your device Settings->Security->Unknown sources.

Using Puffin Browser

FlashFox and Dolphin browser supports Flash Player 1.1. However, Puffin Browser supports even the new Flash Player version 16. Also, the browser can emulate a mouse which you can control like you do on a computer. If you notice that the Flash content is loading very slowly, you may also want to lower the Flash quality from Puffin Browser’s settings.

By using one of these three browsers you will be able to see Flash content on your mobile device from any website that you want to visit. You will no longer have to wait to reach to a computer to access a website that has flash content which you would want to see.

Did you use any of these three browsers? Tell us your thoughts about them!

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