WhatsApp: Can you send messages without Internet?

Today, almost everyone who has a mobile phone uses WhatsApp. It has become the addiction of people who want to get the most out of their communication activities. The nice thing about using WhatsApp is that it saves you the cost of sending SMSs and it also makes it easier and quicker for you to share your media and conduct chats.

However, there are a few hidden charges like a 0.99-dollar yearly charge after the first year of free service. Do you think that it is possible to send messages without having an Internet connection? There are many like you who want to know more about this and so here is a solution that you can use to send messages without Internet.

Sending messages with WhatsApp without Internet is possible and it will also help to cut your costs considerably. Here is what you need to do:

WhatsApp Bluetooth App

Make sure that you have an Android phone running an operating system of at least 2.0.1. Next, install WhatsApp Bluetooth App on your Android device. Before you complete this step, you need to know precisely what is WhatsApp Bluetooth App. It is a messenger service for smartphones that is available to anybody who owns an Android phone.

With WhatsApp Bluetooth App, WhatsApp will make use of your phone’s Bluetooth connection to send messages to your friends and family members without needing to incur any Internet costs. You can easily move over from SMS to WhatsApp Bluetooth App to send as well as receive messages and picture messages for free and whenever you want.

You can install the WhatsApp Bluetooth app by visiting the Android market from your mobile phone and then look for Bluetooth. When you find this, you are going to see a list of Bluetooth-related applications. Pick WhatsApp Bluetooth App and then download and install it on your Android phone. It is free to download and once it has been installed on your phone you can start communicating with everyone without needing an Internet connection.

The nice thing about using this app is that communications with it are much quicker and sending and receiving media will also be much quicker than when using the regular WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Bluetooth app is much better and more effective than WhatsApp simply because it does not require an Internet connection to communicate. This facility goes a long way in reducing the costs of sending messages without Internet. In addition, you will also not have to pay the yearly charges to WhatsApp after your one-year free subscription expires.


Most of us who depend on WhatsApp to send messages without incurring costs have to depend on the Internet to send and receive messages. The costs involved in using the Internet to send and receive messages with WhatsApp can be quite high. The good news is that by downloading and installing WhatsApp Bluetooth app you can cut down on the cost of using the Internet to communicate and you can also access your WhatsApp without needing to use the Internet.

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