Download WhatsApp 2.12.58 APK and Install – Make Free Voice Calls and Save your Messages on Google Drive

WhatsApp was lifted to the pinnacle of glory, having now over 800 million active users, with 100 million more than there were in January and this accelerated growth is because the developers brought the voice calling feature to the Android version and new updates are released regularly, in order to fix bugs and to add new features and functions. For now, the users can download the 2.12.58 APK from WhatsApp’s website, but it’s in beta version and may come with other bugs.

If you learned the procedure, then you know that WhatsApp is releasing beta versions on its website, then the retouched and bug-free versions are added to the Google Play Store. This version isn’t found there, which means that is accompanied by errors and the users can report them so that the developers can work on them and eliminate them on the next stable version. The 2.12.58 APK has a size of 19.6MB and it is compatible with Android smartphones running on Android 2.1+ and above. Apparently, the only change in this version is related to bug fixes, but some noticeable changes were made in the version 2.12.44, which came with a Material Design overhaul and new animations. The users will notice the transparent status bar, the menu bar which is now expanding and collapsing when scrolling down, and the new iconography looks nicer. Also, the 2.12.45 came with the option to back up conversations on Google Drive and meanwhile, the developers improved the new features, without adding anything new to 2.12.58.

You will still need to uninstall the current version of WhatsApp, but before you do that, backup your conversations (on Google Drive or on your device), then install the new 2.12.58 APK, insert your phone number to have your account verified and you will continue chatting with your friends. The application has another web feature for those who want to chat from their computers, using a physical keyboard, but they must open one of these three supported browsers: Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

The application is free in the first year and doesn’t charge your for calling other WhatsApp users, but after the trial ends, you will pay an annual fee of 0.99 dollars.

Remember that this application has a lot of features, and among them is the option to create group chats and add up to 100 members, you can receive messages even if you are offline, and multimedia files that you will send have a size limit of 16MB.

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