WhatsApp: Can It Overtake Skype and Viber?

Instant messaging has come a long way since Skype arrived in 2003. Since then there have been an ever increasing inception of instant messaging applications looking to take over the top spots from their forerunners Skype and Viber. WhatsApp is an application that is well on its way to being on the top of the instant messaging mountain. 

WhatsApp came about in 2009 and was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It quickly became popular by having over 700 million users. It crosses iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Android platforms and allows group chat, cloud file sharing, location sharing and texting. Because WhatsApp is available over quite a few platforms many people have discovered Whatsapp and they are enjoying its ease of use.

WhatsApp is a subscription based service allowing one year free with a $1 a year subscription fee after that. The iOS App does cost $1 to purchase right out of the gate. 

WhatsApp offers real time voice messaging, text, video, and photo messaging, as well as, the use of media files and emojis.

It is easy to use and, with its growing fanbase, will continue to make improvements in the service. Their web client launched in early 2015 and duplicates your messages from your phone to your PC. Currently, the desktop version is only available for Windows, Android and Blackberry devices.

SMS charges won’t apply if you can get your network of friends and family using WhatsApp.

Skype, the Old Timer v. WhatsApp

Skype is still the cheapest application to use when it comes to video conferencing and text messaging services. Free calls can still be made internationally and with your Skype ID you can Skype on just about every device. However, as Skype grows and adds more features will it become too complicated to use? Skype boasts the most features and paid applications but too many features might turn some people off to using Skype.

As our society looks for faster and easier ways to connect, Skype may become too big for its own good. As Microsoft continues to innovate Skype may become too much of a hassle for people who don’t really need a multitude of features with bigger platforms to navigate. Skype very well could become simply a business related service. For example, you can currently group chat and share items with up to 300 people. Group calls boasts a maximum of 9 users.

Will Viber Burn Out In Order To Keep Up With Skype?

Viber was boasting over 600 million users in 2014. It still pales in comparison to Skype as far as quality and service. Viber extends over the same platforms as WhatsApp does, however, they offer application usage through Mac OS X. You have a Viber ID just as you have a Skype ID. Viber ID’s are simply your phone number. They offer texting, group chat, voice calls, file sharing and location sharing, the same as WhatsApp.

The difference between Viber, Skype and WhatsApp is video calling. Users currently only have video calling capabilities through desktop access.

Viber at its core is still a free service, however they do offer very affordable premium features. Viber is in the race to keep up with Skype by offering affordable voice and video calls to anyone, even people who don’t currently have Viber installed.

Viber is poised to grow quickly, however, they may grow too quickly and become more of a business-to-business platform instead of a simple instant messaging service.

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