4 Reasons Why You Need to Quit Facebook in 2015

Facebook is the leading social networking site and there is no doubt about this.

There are over 1 billion people who use this social networking site and it can take in users as young as 13 years of age.

While this application has been around for more than a decade now, it started as a site where people could connect with each other, whether it is people you like or not. What happens is that we feed Facebook with our thoughts, feelings, locations, relationship statuses, favorite links, political views, and loads of other personal information and all these is done in the name of wanting to stay connected. But have you ever stopped and thought about the security risks involved in this process of staying connected using Facebook?

There are experts who have always been asking questions of how Facebook is making money and as of now, many answers have been found to this decade-long question. Sharing content online has also been discovered to be a very dangerous act and despite this and many threats that we are leaving Facebook, we keep using this application. Even though social media can have quite a number of benefits, here are four reasons why you should think twice before you tap on your smartphone to launch the Facebook app this 2015.

Facebook wastes time

A recent research revealed that an average user of Facebook spends at least 17 minutes of his or her day on Facebook. When calculated over the past decade, you can see that you have wasted at least 40 days just scrolling, liking and commenting on Facebook pictures and posts. This is just for the average user. What of those who spend more than one hour on Facebook each and every day of their entire lives?

If you don’t quit Facebook now, you’ll end up wasting more than 150 days by the time 2025 comes around, that is of course if this application will still be “live”. There are probably lots of other things you could do with 150 days. Right?

Facebook will keep using you to sell stuff

A report in 2012 revealed that Facebook manipulated data from more than 680,000 accounts and all these was done without the consent of these accounts holders. Even though Facebook claimed that this was meant for the benefit of the user, there are others who think that this information was being collected to determine the real monetary value of a “Facebook like”. However, Facebook cited that the process was meant to improve the services of the company to its users and make Facebook content extremely relevant and engaging. However, Facebook later apologized for this move. This leaves a question of what else are they doing with our accounts?

Facebook is a health hazard

While you may be using Facebook thinking that it is a cool website that helps you with keeping track of your vacations, wardrobe choices and even your thoughts about certain events, this site can also cause lots of damage to your health. According to recent studies, Facebook has the ability to inhibit the release of human growth hormones, impact the immune system, has effects on digestion and vision, and affects sleeping patterns, happiness, creativity as well as thinking.

Do you know all your Facebook friends?

On average, Facebook users (adults) have a user base of 338 people. While this may be an interesting stat for Facebook, there is a weird thing about the stat and it affects the user. Of the more than 300 Facebook friends, most people usually know about 10% of them. In most cases, you will find these people with new lives, new names, passions, and lots of changes. In essence, most of them are not the same people you knew back then and actually trying to keep up with them is probably a waste of time. You can spend this time with your real friends or do something else which is more constructive than using Facebook.

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