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When it comes to instant messaging on the internet, there is definitely no one better than WhatsApp. There are around 700 million people that use the application on a regular basis, but the number of downloads that it has received is way above that, reaching the billion mark. On WhatsApp, users already had pretty much all they needed to enjoy a great user experience, but now that experience is complete, thanks to the new voice calling feature that you too can access if you install at least the 2.12.16 APK build.

Considering how popular the app is, and how alarmingly fast it has been growing, it was only a matter of time before this update came along. Most of the updates WhatsApp has received are minor bug fixing patches that don’t stand out that much. However, in the mist of maintenance updates, there are two updates that stand out due to their massive impact on the app. These are the WhatsApp for Web update and of course, the one that brings us the voice calling feature. This evolution towards VoIP was most likely encouraged by the transition of ownership, as WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, meaning that it kind of left its old mentality behind, no longer considering itself a simple IM app.

These upgrades to the WhatsApp experience are a token of what the future might hold, if WhatsApp continues to grow in this direction, we can expect more positive changes coming along. For the time being, however, we can sit back and enjoy the new voice calling feature which allows us to communicate with our loved ones easier than ever, because let’s face it, nothing is more “instant” than talking. If you want to give the new voice calling a try, head over and grab the 2.12.16 APK build.

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