GTA 5 Gets two Police Simulator Mods to Let Players be the Cops

GTA 5 for PC got launched just a couple of days ago before which tons of mods have already landed for the game.

The newest arrivals will be two different police simulators mod that are going to offer unlimited fun.

The advantage of these mods is that they offer unlimited fun and always help expand the life of the game by many years. Within a year or so, you can definitely expect dozens of mods available for the PC edition. Rockstar doesn’t care as long as you are using them all on your single player modes. GTA Online however is a different story and some users have even been banned for simply using cosmetic changes in their weapons, vehicles and player outfit.

Be a Los Santos Cop

Being a cop is not an easy job especially if you are going to live in the city of Los Santos. GTA 5 single player missions are about three guys, Trevor, Michael and Franklin. But, the problem is that these guys are not your typical Hollywood heroes but are actually law breakers. Most of the time, they are on the wrong side of the law and will be escaping from the cops.

If just three of them could cause so much chaos, you can imagine how the situation will be when you are assigned as a cop to bring things under control, you may have to keep driving around the city without a break. The good thing is that you will receive a lot of good stuff including weapons, chopper support, additional squad and also a partner who will help you nab those criminals.


The two mods that are available on GTA 5 are the SAPD and the LSPD FR. Both of them almost sound the same but the latter comes from a really trusted source and it has received great support from gamers on other platforms.

While it is really tough to use these mods on PS4 or Xbox One, PC doesn’t have much issues when it comes to accepting modified files which is why they are being flooded over the game within a span of two weeks or less. The developer has also posted a video of the SAPD mod which you can find below. The idea is to let you be a cop and control crime. The LSPD is expected to be better than this with more features, the choice is yours.

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