WhatsApp 2.12.69 APK Download for Android – Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements Added, No Support for Google Drive

WhatsApp is no longer just a name for an application, but it has turned out to become a brand name that is recognized by everyone.

When talking of WhatsApp, the only thing that can be associated with this name is success.

WhatsApp has over 800 million monthly active users and these people exchange billions of messages over this course. Of these 800 million users, a large percentage of them are based on the Android devices. However, this does not mean the app cannot be used on other mobile platforms. Many mobile phones with internet access can use this application; it can also be downloaded and installed on the Windows Phone, iOS, Bada, BlackBerry as well as Nokia phones. It is no wonder this application has such a huge user base from all over the world.

About two or so months ago, users of the Android devices received a very crucial update to this application. The ability to make voice calls has been eluding WhatsApp for over 5 years and now that the feature is available on just the Android devices, but also the iOS and BlackBerry 10 smartphones, more and more people will be joining this platform. If you use Android, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.67 from the official website of the app and take advantage of the newly refined voice calling feature.

However, the latest beta version of the app is WhatsApp 2.12.69, which is not available in the official Play Store.

How to get WhatsApp 2.12.69 APK

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.69 comes in with nothing new to show off. There are no new features in this application and in fact, the size of the previous version is larger (19.65MN) than the current beta version (16.72MB). Despite the significant changes in the file size, the new WhatsApp comes with minor bug fixes as well as enhancements.

This application can be downloaded from apkmirror.com since it is still in beta. However, it is expected that a stable version will soon be available on the Play Store.

WhatsApp introduced support for Google Drive storage in version 2.12.45 APK. However, this feature is not present in the current WhatsApp 2.12.69 APK, fueling reports that the feature is still undergoing enhancements and improvements before a stable version is rolled out together with the video calling ability later this month. However, you can still get this Google Drive support on version 2.12.58 beta.

The quality of voice calls is much better on the latest version than with previous versions of WhatsApp. However, users are still complaining of the service being a data hog, so, unless you have a reliable data plan; you may end up incurring huge airtime costs. You can also make use of Wi-Fi connections to get better results.

WhatsApp is also available on the desktop using the new WhatsApp Web client. However, you must be using Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox web browser on your PC in order to access the home page of the app at web.whatsapp.com. Keep in mind that before this APK file installs, you must enable the installation of apps from “Unknown sources” via your device’s Security Settings.

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