Gmail App for Android Free Download – Gets New Update with Unsubscribe and Responder Options

The latest version of Gmail app for Android is getting a solid upgrade.

While it is not as significant as the last few, which brought some Lollipop related features, it will definitely help some users to get their job done without much hassles.

The first of the lot is an interesting new feature which allows you to easily view the contact card with a single tap. All you have to do is simply find the person you wish to know more about and click on their avatar. The conversation view in the mail will instantly change to the contacts card, where you will not only know their e-mail id and phone number, but can also know more details including your previous hangouts conversation, last e-mails and so on. Having so many different details at once in a single card based design makes it much easier to know what’s going on, especially with your business contacts so that you could respond aptly.

Unsubscribe from Unwanted E-mails

Everyone knows how knowing it is to receive unwanted e-mails from so many different vendors. Sometimes, you may not even remember providing your information but a slew of e-mails will land in your inbox, making it crowded than ever. Even though, Gmail on desktop and Android uses labels to help you sort out through the mess, it still is tough to delete them all when you are bombarded.

A new ‘unsubscribe’ option allows you to remove yourself from their mailing list. The task is done by using any link found at the footer of the message you received. This is quite common when it comes to avoiding spam, but there are hardcore ones that wouldn’t let you come out easily. If this doesn’t work, the app will automatically initiate multiple steps based on your command to make sure that spam never bothers you again.

Vacation Responder

You can now set vacation responders for your exchange accounts with the latest version of Gmail for Android. The option is available in the e-mail client for many years, but it didn’t allow it to do the same on the exchange servers. The feature is now readily available for anyone who prefers to use it. You can either wait for the update to roll out or manually download it from the APK Mirror website. The source file is legit and doesn’t contain any malware. You can find the link below to download the APK file and check out Gmail app updates much earlier.

Download link –

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