Pebble Time Steel vs. Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition – Which Steel Smartwatch Suits You More

A majority of individuals have preferred steel watches over leather watches for years.

Premium steel renders a classy look to the wrists and is usually durable. When it comes to smartwatches, companies like Sony and Pebble have come up with steel devices. The Pebble Time Steel and the Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition are two remarkable steel watches in the market. But which one should you own? Let’s find out!


The two devices are digital smartwatches with steel belts. The Time Steel has a 1.25-inch screen whereas the Steel Edition of third generation Smartwatch has bigger, 1.6-inch screen. The technology used in the display of the two devices differ slightly; as the Pebble watch has Color ePaper display while its Sony counterpart has TFT LCD screen. Both the devices have anti-scratch lens.

When it comes to resolution, the Time Steel has 144 x 168 pixels, in comparison to Smartwatch 3’s 320 x 320 pixels. As the Pebble device has a smaller screen and lower resolution, it has a pixel density of 182 PPI. In contrast, the Sony Smartwatch 3 has 280 PPI density. There is three case color availability in the Time Steel, namely – Silver, Grey, and Gold. On the contrary, the Smartwatch 3 comes in a single color only.

Winner: Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition


The Sony smartwatch is designed for Android devices because all the Sony smartphones run on this operating system. The steel edition of Smartwatch 3 supports only those devices that run on Android 4.3 or higher. On the other hand, the Pebble Time Steel is compatible with more operating systems. It supports iOS as well as Android platform. To be precise, any device running on Android 4 or iOS 8 is compatible with this watch.

Winner: Pebble Time Steel


Smartwatches have two connectivity options – NFC and Bluetooth. The Time Steel offers only Bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity, whereas Smartwatch 3 has NFC as well. When it comes to charging connection, the Pebble device requires proprietary USB cable in comparison to Smartwatch 3’s wireless option.

Winner: Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition

Although the two smartwatches are impressive in terms of performance and design, the Sony device has an edge over the Time Steel. Though both the devices belong to the $299 price mark, the Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition has a bit more features to offer than the Pebble Time Steel.

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