WhatsApp Free Voice Calling – How to Download and Install from an APK File

The past decade and a half has been dominated by stories of WhatsApp instant messenger and its free instant messaging services.

This is true because WhatsApp has the largest user base of all instant messengers, enjoying a monthly active user base of over 800 million from all over the world.

This huge population makes it possible for WhatsApp to exchange billions of messages on a single day, something that has made this app become an unstoppable force in the world of internet communication. WhatsApp is now under Facebook and just recently, this messenger turned from being just messaging service provider into a VoIP messenger. Yes, you read it right. WhatsApp is now offering users free voice calls to all parts of the world. It has now joined the likes of Viber, Skype and WeChat in what has now become a very tough affair.

WhatsApp has a remarkable sign up record of 1 million people per day and for sure, it is hard for any of its competitors to match this stat. However, a huge number of those who join this application’s user base are Android users, an indicator that the application is vast in emerging markets where Android devices are very dominant.

WhatsApp so start offering free video calls to all users

WhatsApp is not yet done with rolling out the voice calling feature and there is already news of a new WhatsApp video calling feature. At the moment, only Android users and a portion of iPhone users can make use of WhatsApp voice calling services. The iOS group started receiving the update a few days ago and it is expected that in the next few weeks, all users of this Apple mobile OS will be enjoying this service. The next in line will be Windows Phone which will be followed by other mobile operating systems that include BlackBerry and Symbian.

Once the process of rolling out WhatsApp voice calls is done, WhatsApp will embark on developing a video calling feature for all users. This feature needs the audio calling feature to be in perfect order for it to work perfectly too. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time to add a video calling feature to a buggy voice calling feature.

How to download and install WhatsApp

There are two ways you can use to download and install WhatsApp on your smartphone. The first and simplest method is to via the official Google Play Store. Search for the app in the store and when you find it, tap on “Install” to start the download and installation process. When installed, the app will ask you to open it when still in the store. Launch the app and use your phone number to create an account. Simple isn’t it! Most of this process is automated.

A second method is by using a WhatsApp APK file. Just like using the Google Play Store, there is no any form of difficulty in installing WhatsApp from an APK file. First of all, visit the official WhatsApp website and download the latest APK file. Locate the downloaded file on your phone and tap on it to start installation.

If the installation fails due to a warning from your device, terminate the process and go back to your phone’s Security or Application settings. Follow this by checking the box against the “Unknown sources” option and from here, the app will install.

Go back to the downloaded file and again tap on the downloaded WhatsApp APK file. This time, it will have no problem installing. As usual, launch the app after the installation is complete and using your phone number, set up your WhatsApp account so that you can start enjoying free instant messaging as well as voice calling services.

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