Skype vs Viber – Which Messenger Is Better For Your Android, Blackberry Or iOS Device?

If you’re a VoIP client and don’t know what application to install, there are many options, but the most popular and downloaded are Skype and Viber. If the majority of your friends are using one of these messengers, you’ll most likely install the same application, but before you do that, make sure you’ve taken the right decision. If you are not sure which application you should use, install both of them and make a comparison based on data consumption, call quality, features etc. But, let us help you with some information and you’ll understand which application is better.

User friendly

Both Skype and Viber are easy to install, but they work differently, as to register to Skype you’ll need a username and a password, which you’ll use every time you will log into the application. Viber requires a phone number and will look into your phonebook for friends who are using this application and will add them automatically to your list of contacts. To add friends on Skype, you must know their email addresses, but the good part is that you can continue your conversations from a mobile device to a computer/laptop, while Viber will work exclusively on smartphones/tablets, as if will require a phone number to connect.


Both applications are free to use, so you can make calls and send messages to anyone that uses these applications, but, in addition, Skype allows you to call to landlines and mobile phones, and you will be charged.

Which is more popular?

Skype has been used for a longer time and many have heard of it, while Viber is relatively new on the market and needs to catch up. But, in a few years, it has many chances to become as popular as Skype, or maybe it will have better features and people will prefer it over Skype.


Viber was created specially for mobile phones, so you can use it everywhere you want, anytime you want. Just make sure you are connected to internet and the battery of your device won’t die soon. As for Skype, the developers had a hard time implementing it on mobile platforms.

Which consumes less data?

Calling on VoIP will save you a lot of money, if you know how to use it. If you’ll choose Real mobility, you’ll need a 3G or 4G data plan and you’ll be billed by the megabyte used. And Viber consumes around 250KB per minute of call, while Skype will consume much more than that because it allows you to make high quality calls.

Call Quality

Skype uses HD voice and some enhanced codecs to increase the quality of the voice/video calls. The quality of the audio/video calls on Viber will be improved in time.


As we were saying, only Viber users can call for free other Viber users, so they must have them in their list of contacts, otherwise the caller will be charged if he/will call someone that uses other application. Skype will allow you to call for free a billion other Skype users, and other people who use Hotmail, MSN or other programs. Plus, the rates are very cheap when it comes to calling landlines or mobile devices, whether we’re talking about local or international calls.


Viber is kind of limited in terms of features and you’ll prefer Skype because it allows you to have more participants per call, it has more call recording features, service plans, advanced settings etc., plus you can use a webcamera to see your interlocutor.

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