New Facebook Updates for 2015 – Find Out What’s New?


If you thought 2014 was a big year, then expect 2015 to be even bigger, when it comes to the world of technology.

Many changes are expected to come and among them are the Windows 10, Android 5.x, iOS 9 and many others. To stay secure and get the best experience, it’ll be very important to stay updated with these developments. The boom in the technological world is no different from what the social media is experiencing.

The past five years have been historic for Facebook and as it stands, this application has more than 1 billion users spread across the globe. Facebook is not just used by individuals; companies have turned to this platform for their business activities that include advertising.

The year 2015 belongs to Facebook. This application recently acquired WhatsApp, the largest social media application when it comes to instant messaging and with this app set to launch a voice calling feature in the coming months; Facebook is set to become the biggest social media platform ever. Despite this, there are some features and functionalities that many users would wish to see appear on Facebook for the year 2015 and those at the top of the list are discussed below:

Disliking a comment or status

Many Facebook users have been demanding for a dislike button to be added on Facebook. This would work like a ‘downvote’ option that users of reddit have been enjoying for quite some time now. This feature is expected to be like a thumb down, but there are some who view it as negativity. However, it is time Facebook gave the public what they want.

Facebook Operating System

There are rumors circulating that Facebook will come up with an independent OS called Facebook OS. This OS is expected to power a cheaper social media phone that is aimed at easily accessing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp at a very nominal charge.

Timeline screen saver

People rarely use screen savers these days. Despite this fact, Facebook is expected to re-invent and be innovative with things as well and in 2015, we might finally see a timeline screen saver. While away, this feature will let all avatars of your Facebook friends show up on your computer’s screen.

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