Will GTA 5 Inspire Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to Allow Character Switching?

Ever since Rockstar inspired gamers with the character switching feature in GTA 5, players have been repeatedly asking other developers to do the same.

By introducing such a unique feature, the developers have finally kick started another new gameplay element that will be very common in all future titles. The developers at Rocksteady seems to have thought of the same which is why they have incorporated the ability to switch between Batman, Cat Woman, Robin and Nightwing in the upcoming title Batman Arkham Knight. The idea has caught on virally and everyone is so excited to check this out because it matters a lot when it comes to a combat intensive title as the one being developed by Rocksteady.

Ubisoft’s Syndicate

Just a couple of days ago, Ubisoft officially confirmed that the upcoming game in the Assassin’s Creed series will be Syndicate. The game is set in the Victorian era in London and will focus on a new character. He will be aided by street thugs in the city and also has a twin sister who, the team claims,is equally brutal as her brother.

Now, the big question is whether Ubisoft has already implemented the ability to switch between characters in the game or not. If you have played GTA 5, you would easily know that it is convenient to be able to change from one person to another. The concept allows you to easily complete levels, explore the large map with ease and also see the same missions from a completely different perspective every time. Apart from all of this, it also lets you control three players at once during heist missions among other things that make it more action packed than ever.

Switching Between Assassins

The idea of introducing GTA 5 specific feature to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate sounds too good to be true. When you are busy fighting a group of thugs on the streets you could immediately switch to play as another assassin who will be climbing the rooftops. Besides, the new game introduces the concept of horse carts so that you could ride around the city. What if you could shoot to kill enemies and switch so as to control the cart as a different character? Sounds really good, right? E3 2015 is just around the corner and we can be sure that Ubisoft will be revealing more features about the game during the event.

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