How To Make Sure Your Website Is Ready For 2015

A lot in the SEO, IM, Web Design and Web Development world is changing in 2015. You need to make sure your website is ready and that it will continue to bring in traffic or start to bring in traffic if it’s still a work in progress.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are going to be penalized and lose ranking in Google because they don’t know what’s coming and what changes are on the horizon. Here’s a simple guide to becoming or staying relevant in 2015 and getting some love from Google.

You NEED A Mobile Design

This is not a question or a suggestion, this is a necessity. Did you know that in 2014, the number of mobile users actually surpassed the number of desktop users? This means more and more of your users coming to your website are going to be doing so on a mobile device.

Whether it be the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any other hand held device, a lot of your users may be visiting from a mobile phone.

Google has begun to start looking at websites and seeing if they offer any kind of mobile design and their performance.

How Do You Make A Mobile Design?

  • You need to make sure your website is responsive across the board. You need to set all of your images to either a max-width or a percentage of a page to make sure they’ll automatically adjust to new heights and widths.
  • If you can’t figure it out or simply don’t have the time, you need to hire a web developer (not a designer – there is a big difference) to do it for you.
  • You need to make use of media queries to get the elements that can’t be fixed with a responsive layout and you need to target each and every single resolution. It may sound like hard work because it is.

Content is Still (Even More So) The King – Write Great Content

Does your website have dull content that is useful to no one? Do people frequently bounce off of the landing page they visit to never return?

If so, re-do all of your content and fast. Your content needs to be:

  • Well formatted with paragraphs, lists and headers where necessary.
  • Include images in long and drawn out articles that are relevant to the content.
  • STOP keyword stuffing your content, this method is long dead and Google has caught on.
  • Make sure your content solves a problem people might have or is interesting to the reader. Fluff or filler content will be setting a slap in 2015 as well.

Stop Outsourcing Your SEO Efforts to Cheap Companies

I can’t stress this particular issue enough. Stop hiring cheap SEO companies to do your SEO. More often than not, they’re just spamming your links and building up a network of blogs with auto-blog bots that spam your links everywhere.

Conclusion – Be Prepared

In short, you need to make sure your content is readable and informative, you need to make sure you have a mobile design for your site implemented and you need to make sure your SEO isn’t a half-effort job. If you’re failing any of those three things, then 2015 is going to be a rough year for your websites because Google is putting the hammer down hard on people not playing by the rules or trying to cheat the system.

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