Roku Tv Review – Functions and Features, Pros and Cons

The most recent TVs that are being introduced in the market come with various advancements, which range from the design and display.

However, Roku, a streaming set box maker has unveiled a new smart TV.

The Roku TV is handy, and it is the first most TV from Roku, which is meant to accomplish streaming instantly on their own TV. The TV comes with a price tag of $500, and it has amazing features as well.

Here is a review about the TV, in relation to its features and functions.

  • The Design

The TV is not that heavy, weighing only 32pounds, and measuring 43 by 27 by 8 inches, it is just like a regular TV. The screen is 48 inches, and the display is very elegant. The display is an LED edge lit 1080p and with a 120Hz. This is high in comparison to other TV brands of the same size and aspects.

  • Ports

The Roku TV has 3 HDMI ports, which allows you to connect to other devices. It also has a dual-band Wi-Fi. Basically, you can connect it to an external device, like a typical TV.

  • Audio System

It has a Dolby audio processor, and the inbuilt speakers of the TV are slightly weak. This is because they are only 8W each. For that, even if you set your volume at high levels, they will only sound lower. However, this can be solved using the headphones, which you can insert in the audio jack.

The Functionality

  • The Remote. The remote of the TV is slightly similar to the Roku 3 remote, though it lacks some features. For instance, the current remote lacks the A and B buttons for gaming. You might use your phone as a remote control, with the Remote App of Roku. The good thing about the app is that it is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Integration. You can operate some functions using your phone, such as searching for YouTube videos, from your phone, which will be displayed on the TV. This can only be activated by touching the dial connectivity, which will send the content from your phone to the TV.


  • Decent price. A 48 inch TV comes at $500, which is friendly and fair, based on the features that are included.
  • Excellent pictures. If the signals are strong enough, the pictures are very crystal.
  • Flexible. You can operate it using your phone right from your seat, so basically, your entertainment is right at your fingertips.


  • Flat colors. Even though the images are sharp, the colors are not that impressive. They are not highly defined.
  • It needs a high internet connection, ideally a Wi-Fi connection. Without a reliable connection, it might not function at its best.
  • Weak speakers, which will need you to use a pair of headphones to enjoy.


The Roku TV is a great entertainment set, which comes at a very fair price. In addition, the features included are very handy. As long as you have a high internet connection, you will be sure of enjoying the best of the TV, and also, you will get the sharpest pictures if the signals are strong enough. For that, it is a great piece of entertainment that you can consider buying.

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