WhatsApp Plus Comes With Extra Features

Having brought more convenience in the world of instant messaging, WhatsApp now has an advanced version in WhatsApp Plus.

This application allows you to modify the theme of your instant messaging platform on WhatsApp in different ways. Generally, WhatsApp Plus gives you extra features and also offers a better overall experience that enables you to avoid functional barriers often associated with the original app.

Key Features

  • WhatsApp users have always been complaining about image quality. WhatsApp Plus however offers higher quality images while maintaining quality and size something that the original app lacks. Sharing quality photos with friends and family is now made easier.
  • WhatsApp Plus has a media sharing default limit set to 16MB. This is a new setting different from the original application that has an uploading limit of only 12 MB. Besides, with WhatsApp Plus you can still increase the default media limit up to 50MB.
  • There is a hidden notification setting in WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your online status. This hides your ”Last Seen” status from other users.
  • WhatsApp Plus frees you of the extra work of always refreshing your contact list. This is because right below the chat, you can see the status of people in your contract list by just clicking on each contact. You can also attach your location, send voice messages and send or forward multiple messages to others users too.
  • WhatsApp normally has a green icon color but the new app comes with a default blue icon color that you can change to orange, pink, red, gray, cyan and even the primary green. This offers flexibility by giving you a wide range of colors you can use depending on what your choice is.
  • Unlike the current app, WhatsApp Plus comes with numerous themes that you can download and use to modify the look of your main screen, chat screen, contact icons, header and conversation screen. You can also change the color of the notifying bar, charts, modify contact rows among other things according to your preference.

The Good

The app allows for easy customization as you can change everything from the theme, layout and even color of the chat platform. There is also increased file size limit for transfers. The Hide Notification bar is also a key feature that lets you stay anonymous. Lastly, quality is maintained on image transfer as well.

The Bad

WhatsApp Plus however faces stability issues and is known to crash, something that can limit downloads and invite viruses to your smartphone. This makes it potentially harmful to your device both in terms of data and privacy because it is a third-party app. It is also an unofficial application that you can’t find on Google Store and therefore you can only install it from other third-party sources.

The Verdict

Despite all these setbacks, WhatsApp Plus gives you extra features and is also attractive and appealing. It comes with an interface that you can completely modify according to your preferences and still be able to revert back to your original settings. Remember that to install you will first have to remove WhatsApp. This is a great move because with all these new features, WhatsApp Plus is a worthy replacement for the original app.

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