Viber vs YouRoam – Free Voice Call and Free Messenger App, Features Comparison

There are various apps releasing daily in different app markets and it’s necessary to bring comparisons between apps so that users can pick best app from the lot.

Viber and YouRoam are two similar mobile apps that free VoIP calls and messages using WiFi, 3G and 4G. They are competitors in the same niche and hence we show you the comparison between these apps so that users can choose the right app.

Free VoIP Calls:

Viber allows you to communicate using free VoIP calls as it bypasses your mobile career. VoIP calls work on WiFi and 3G networks. It should be noted that free VoIP calls are possible only for Viber users. Alternatively, the caller and receiver must have Viber app installed on their devices. If you want to make calls to other mobile phone and land phone numbers then Viber has another service called Viberout. Viberout enables you to make VoIP calls anywhere at low rates.

YouRoam also has similar features. It provides free VoIP calling facility so that one can make and receive free calls using the app. YouRoam has a premium version in which users can make inexpensive calls to any mobile phone number or landline. One can also receive unlimited calls from anywhere in the world but on downside, this facility is available only for USA and Canada users.

Free Messages:

Viber offers free messaging services to it’s users. It has a clean interface which resembles popular instant messaging app Whatsapp. Apart from text messages, Viber has facility to share images, videos and voice messages. It also has wide collection of stickers and emoticons to make your instant messaging more fun and colourful.

YouRoam also comes with a free instant messenger. Sending and receiving instant text messages are completely free through the YouRoam app. In order to spice up instant messaging experience, it also has emoticons and photo sharing facility. Notably, video sharing facility is absent in YouRoam.

Other Features:

Apart from free voice calling and messaging, Viber and YouRoam have some other features too:


+ Make chat groups which can accommodate maximum of 100 members

+ Advanced Push notifications for missed calls and texts when Viber is off

+ Integration with phone contact list for calls and messages

+ Exclusive support for Viber desktop app


+ Receive missed call notifications even when your mobile phone is switched off

+ Facility to store and check voicemail

+ You can see data usage information for each calls made through WiFi or 3G.

+ Smart Caller ID to identify unknown callers and to avoid or ignore unwanted calls from telemarketers.

Our Verdict:

Even though Viber and YouRoam have similar functions, Viber clearly has an upper hand over YouRoam. Viber has an user base of 400 million users which is much larger than that of YouRoam’s user base. Additionally, Viber free messenger is well crafted when compared to YouRoam’s messenger. The absence of video sharing facility is a setback for YouRoam messenger. With stickers and highly animated emoticons, Viber is far ahead of YouRoam’s simple messenger.

Hence, in this comparison between the features of two prominent VoIP calling apps, Viber comes out as the winner.

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