Battle of Free Calling Apps Skype vs. Viber – Viber Takes a Shot at Skype

Video Calling Feature in Viber

Viber has come out with a new shot at Skype with its video calling features offered for both the iOS and Android platforms. It seems that Viber really means business and wants users to abandon Skype or any other messaging and voice or video calling app and turn towards Viber. Viber is owned by Rakuten and now comes with video calling features along with chatting and audio calls. The video-calling feature is a new one in Viber and has come in after a year of its introduction. On the other hand, Skype always had a video-calling feature right from the time of its launch on the desktop platform.

With the new feature, you can call any number or even transfer the video call from your PC to the desktop or vice versa during a conversation. The latest version of Viber also makes it very easy to add contacts merely by a scan of their QR codes.

Number One vs. Runner Up

Skype has been universally accepted to be the number one option for making VoIP calls on all platforms, namely, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and many others. Viber is currently being considered as the runner up. However, when you are considering which one to opt for, it is important to find out which app your friends or family members are currently using.

Viber – Better Mobile Integration

Installing both the apps is the best idea, as they both work in different ways and can serve you with different functionalities. However, if you are considering ease of use, both of them are user friendly and easy to install on your mobile device. Skype will need a username and password, which will be your identity for the network. However, Viber is simpler as it does not require a user name and makes use of your mobile device number as your identity.

Mobile Phones vs. Desktop Platforms

This makes mobile integration easier. Skype was initially created for the desktop and was brought for mobile platforms only much later. On the other hand, Viber is a newer application but it started exclusively for mobile platforms and has only very recently been launched for PCs. In case of a desktop, you need a user name, whereas it is not necessary in case of a mobile phone.

If you were more of a mobile phone user, it would make sense to opt for Viber. On the other hand, Skype would be a better choice if you use the desktop or laptop for your communication needs.

Comparing Costs

Both Viber and Skype are free for making calls to other numbers that also have the app installed in their devices, either the desktop or mobile phones. You can also send free messages and make free video and audio calls to your contacts anywhere in the world. However, you can also make paid calls, at reasonable rates, to landlines or other mobile phones not on your contact list, through Skype.

Which is Better?

Skype was launched much earlier than Viber and is more popular with a larger user base from all over the world. This makes it more possible that many of your contacts have Skype installed on their devices rather than Skype. However, Viber offers greater mobility. Viber is more suitable for mobile platforms rather than Skype. Skype had some difficulty before it could perform satisfactorily on mobile devices, whereas Viber was initially created for mobile platforms. As far as charges for VoIP calls are concerned, those on a 3G or a 4G data plan must also consider the fact that Viber consumes nearly 250 KB for a one-minute call, whereas Skype takes up much more. Yet, the quality of calls in Skype is much better.

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