New Nikon 1 S2 Mirrorless Camera – New Features

It is expected that the release of Nikon 1 S2 Mirrorless Camera will be announced in May of 2014. It will replace the Nikon 1 S1, which has been a great camera with amazing specs since it came into the market. As much as you may argue that the two cameras share a lot of similarities, the new Nikon 1 S2 has more advanced capabilities that will definitely amaze the users.


The new Nikon 1 S2 is expected to have amazing specs. It will have a 14.2 mega pixels sensor with a 73 phase detection. A 135 contrast detection AF points is also another one of its expected amazing features. The Nikon 1 S2 is expected to come in just the same colours and physical appearance as the Nikon 1 S1.

The Nikon 1 S2 will however not be sold on the United States market, which is not very friendly to mirrorless cameras, according to US bookmakers. This does not however mean that the entire US population has not embraced the whole idea of mirrorless cameras; a majority believes more in the DSLR versions as better gadgets for serious photography. The Nikon 1 S2 is however expected to produce amazing results altogether as it is expected to be better than its predecessor.

Faster Shooting for Crystal Clear Photos

The Nikon 1 S1 shoots faster than the best of cameras you’ve ever encountered, seen from the reviews of owners of this camera. With the capability to shoot up to 15 shots per second, it gives you clear images of fast-moving objects, brought out as an amazing sequence of events. The camera’s electronic vibration reduction aspect makes it very steady so photos do not come out blurry even when your hands are not steady when you take a shot. The Nikon 1 S2 is expected to offer you these and much more.

Take Still Photos And Record Motion Videos Simultaneously

This camera does not limit your creativity as you are able to both shoot videos and still photos at the same time. All this is possible with just a single press of a button. This occurs without you missing anything at all. This amazing feature is only improved in the new Nikon 1 S2.

Sharing of Photos and Videos to Your Smartphone

The Nikon 1 S2 enables you to share anything that you capture to your smartphone using a wireless network. This is made possible through a Nikon wireless adapter that is bout separately. This makes your social networking more interesting and easy.

With the new Nikon 1 S2, you will be able to capture lots of once-in-a-lifetime moments for your future remembrance. Its mode of operation is also direct and simple as its buttons are clearly labelled to make it easy for you to easily use it. It is a great camera that has all the capabilities and features you are looking for.

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