Could GTA 6 Make Sin City its Home?

The sixth entry in the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series has no official news or release date behind it, but there is little doubt as to the future of the game’s existence. Developer Rockstar Games will likely helm the next entry, just as it has done for the entirety of Grand Theft Auto’s past.

The real question is, as this is the biggest change in the series from one entry to the next, where the game will take place. The city’s of Liberty City, Vice City, and Los Santos make up Rockstar’s visions of New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, respectively. A fourth city, Las Venturas, is Rockstar’s vision of Las Vegas, the City of Entertainment; and while it was minimally featured in San Andreas, the desert city hasn’t quite received the treatment it deserves.

Las Vegas should be high on Rockstar’s radar as the developers next expanse to develop. For a Grand Theft Auto game, Las Vegas is a breeding ground of content, even allowing the developer to tack on some added side activities like casino slots, interactive poker games, and even some high-speed racing in their version of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The Las Vegas Strip can be retooled and reconfigured as needed to avoid copyright infringement, and the city would still feel exactly like a digital Las Vegas.

Grand Theft Auto has been known for its diverse environments, and while the Strip could easily be the focal point of GTA 6, there are plenty of areas surrounding the city that the player could explore. The suburb of Henderson, NV, which sits 20 minutes south of the Strip, would be a nice change of pace from the fast-paced action across what could be called Las Venturas Blvd.

Even further south than Henderson is Boulder City, a quaint town home to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead – two locations that could be beautifully rendered to add plenty of side content to the game.

There’s always room to explore in Grand Theft Auto, which is where outskirt city’s like Mesquite would easily fit in. The protagonist could even come across some necessary unfavorable locals that could dish out a mission or two to progress the story further.

The Strip may provide all of the site seeing one would need in a game, but for those in-game explorers, Mt. Charleston or even a rendition of the Valley of Fire would be quirky locations. Of course, the game could play heavily on the Nevada atomic bomb test site and the Nellis Air Force Base that are not too far from the city.

It may be time for Rockstar to take the Grand Theft Auto series out of the inner city and throw it into a place that’s a little more glamorous. Las Vegas, or Las Venturas, would provide countless hours of entertainment with each interactive element of the casinos, but the eclectic community and melting pot society it breeds would make it easy to form and progress a story.

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